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Born on January 28th, 1968, Sarah McLachlan has reached a level of artistic maturity that most artists take years to attain. Since releasing Touch in the late 1980s, the Halifax, Nova Scotia native has explored her own unique musical interests, indifferent to current trends and fads. McLachlan's intimate vocals and moody, evocative songs convey a passionate honesty rarely found in most of today's music.

McLachlan studied classical guitar, piano and voice as a child, and at the age of 17 was discovered by Nettwerk Records at her first performance as part of a New Wave band. Reluctant parents kept McLachlan from signing her first record deal for two years. After relocating to Vancouver, McLachlan began writing music for her first album, Touch. The album went gold in Canada and McLachlan was suddenly rocketed to stardom and hailed as that year's most exciting and important new artist.

After an extensive tour with her first band, McLachlan returned to the studio to record Solace, which was released in 1992. Solace succeeded both critically and commercially and catapulted McLachlan to international prominence.

The release of Solace was followed by an exhaustive 16-month tour after which McLachlan returned to Vancouver to begin writing songs for her album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

The hit single from that album, "Hold On," was inspired by the documentary, A Promise Kept, about a woman whose fiance discovers he has AIDS. Overwhelmed by the woman's strength and selflessness, McLachlan wrote the song in a single day. It is an unsentimental portrait of a woman's courage in the face of adversity. "Hold On" appeared on the No Alternative compilation album, the proceeds of which go to support AIDS research. McLachlan also contributed the single "I Will Remember You" to the soundtrack of the Brothers McMullen.

In 1997 McLachlan released her fourth album, Surfacing, which contained the hits "Building a Mystery" and "Sweet Surrender." She also took time out to organize and headline the acclaimed Lilith Fair, which focused on emerging women singer-songwriters and became the most successful tour of the summer of 1997.

McLachlan spent the summer of '98 back on the road with the second Lilith Fair tour. In June 1999 she released Mirrorball, a live album culling material from Lilith. Mirroball received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Album.

After six years, in which she lost her mother to cancer and gave birth to her daughter, India, Sarah McLachlan came back to the spotlight with 2003's "Afterglow." This Grammy-nominated album included the hits "Fallen," "Stupid," and "World on Fire."

2004 saw the release of "Afterglow Live," a DVD/CD concert of McLachlan on tour promoting the "Afterglow" album in 2004. Se toured again in 2005, and later that year released another remix album, "Bloom."

In early 2006, McLachlan handwrote a letter (copies of which were sent to members of her fan club) stating that she would be working on a Christmas album. The result was the Grammy-nominated "Wintersong," a classic Christmas album featuring remakes of John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" and Joni Mitchell's "River." Also included was the title track of the album, "Wintersong," the only song McLachlan wrote for the album, in dedication to her mother (who passed away from Cancer near Christmas time a few years ago.)

Alongside promoting "Wintersong" (which peaked at #7 on Billboard), McLachlan performed the song "Ordinary Miracle" for the hit movie, "Charlotte's Web." Sarah was in the spotlight once more, with rumours that "Ordinary Miracle" would earn her a Oscar nomination. The nominees will be announced on January 23, 2007.

Currently, McLachlan was working on her next album, which she hopes to have out sometime in 2008. This album will be all new material, since McLachlan's hasn't put out an entire album of new songs since 2003's "Aferglow." Sarah stated in an interview with Billboard that she has already written one song, and once the new year starts, she'll concentrate more on the album.

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Sarahs Gift | Reviewer: qg46 | 7/5/10

Sarah - Your songs are sweet, touching and so beautiful. You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing it. I was truly and personally moved by U want me 2. Life for me had that time. It's become my song. You speak for many hearts. Thank You - Quentin

she IS moveing | Reviewer: anca | 3/3/09

she is moving... she reaches deep,intimate realms of the soul in her lyrics and songs... her music was the balm of my adolescence...i felt it so deep then, even without grasping the meaning of the lyrics.

sarah u rock | Reviewer: sara | 10/7/08

hey sara my name is SARA and i just want to tell u that im doing a biography on you and my friends livia and justine wanted to say ....hello i hardly even know u ... said livia sara rock ... said justine its sara again i want to tell u that i dont think thats the right e mail well i have to go bye

Actualy it was a question | Reviewer: Richard | 12/16/07

I recently saw a Cirque de Soleil show in Europe ( Dec '07 ) and wanted to know if it was actaully Sarah singing in the show as I want to purchase the soundtrack if it includes her voice .

Afterglow | Reviewer: Bonnie | 12/10/07

I just recently saw "Afterglow" on LOGO and was blown away. I taped it and have played it several times since. It's the voice. Her lyrics are beautiful and thought provocing but her voice...
I hope she will continue to sing for us for decades at least.

Perfect Imperfection | Reviewer: Kyla | 5/10/05

I recently saw Sarah in concert, and the show was so impeccable and so moving. When 'Hold On' came on, her vocals rocked the stadium, as millions of lighter and glow sticks waved in sequence with the melody and rythym.

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