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Sarah Hudson Biography

Last updated: 08/12/2004 10:20:30 PM

"What else could I really do with my life besides music? I was surrounded by entertainers my entire life including my mom who was a dancer, my dad who is a highly respected music producer originally known for his 70's musical group, the "Hudson Brothers" and my cousin is actress Kate Hudson. It all came naturally to me and it's what I love more than anything.

I was born "down and out" in Bel-Air and have lived in L.A. until this very moment. I attended an all-girls private Catholic high school where inspiration for a song was easy to come by - there was sex, drugs, Mercedes and BMW's, and lots of "Daddy's little girls". It was there that I began my troubled existence as a member of the disgruntled youth of today. I, of course, was the one with the purple mohawk, the pierced nose and the Toyota Tercel, who always felt out of place and was constantly searching for a place to belong.

When high school finally came to an end, I had a very inspiring year at music school and then ventured out into the big, bad world to become a megastar. After writing a billion songs and somewhat figuring out who I was as a songwriter and most importantly, an artist, I landed a deal with S-Curve/EMI.

I then began the journey that is my record, Naked Truth. Digging deep inside and writing the truth about my relationship with my mom and dad, tragedy, joy, love, loss and all the fun stuff you begin to endure as you are growing up. All of the songs on Naked Truth are very personal and are experiences I feel everyone can relate to.

Writing lyrics like "You can hate me but what do I care/Everything from the tattoo on my wrist to the color of my hair" (from "Naked Truth"), I tried to articulate the importance of individuality and that it's okay to be yourself.

"Little" is about difficult feelings that I had at one time with my parents. Even though the song is directed mostly toward a father figure, what I really wanted to express was that it is difficult when we get to that certain age when we realize our parents are human beings. No matter how "healthy" one's childhood was or is, we all have or have had issues or questions to do with our parents. More than anything this song represents finding my own voice and not being afraid to have my own feelings.

On a cheekier note, the song "Girl On The Verge" is a satirical approach to a break-up song. Very tongue in cheek, writing lyrics like "I'm a girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown/I'm all f#*@ed up/Baby, all 'cause of you/I can't sleep/I'm in too deep", simply stated the utter shock and desperate emotion when you have been broken up with. I wanted to not be so sappy and serious about a certain break-up I had, instead I wanted to let him know that even though I'm going through all these crazy emotions, it's his loss! Like, yeah I'm hurt but "I still wouldn't wanna be you!".

As an artist, I want to encourage people to openly express themselves and to not be afraid of who they really are. I want to let kids know that it's okay if you feel different and to just continue searching and discovering who you really are and what makes you an individual."