Sarah Brightman Lyrics

Broadway star Sarah Brightman was the inspiration behind
such stage hits as Phantom of the Opera and Requiem,
written in her honor by ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Born August 14, 1960 in Berkhampstead, England, Brightman
began dancing at the age of three, and ten years later made
her London theatrical debut in Charles Strouse's I and
Albert. By 1976, she was a dancer on the television series
Pan's People, and later led the pop group Hot Gossip, which
in 1978 scored a U.K. number one hit with the single "I
Lost My Heart to a More...

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Review about Sarah Brightman songs
More Dramatic Version | Reviewer: Steve Miller
    ------ About the song Nella Fantasia performed by Sarah Brightman

I'm definately a fan of the song and while I believe Sarah does a good job my favorite by far is Russell Watson. He really "Brings it" as a strong operatic tenor voice. He does it with a stronger voice and an excellent orchestral accompaniment. You will find it on his Ultimate Collection Album.

Whistle down the wind. | Reviewer: Jill Errinton.
    ------ About the song Whistle Down the Wind performed by Sarah Brightman

Hello my name is Jill Errinton and you may have heard that my dance groups are putting on a show at the peoples theater in Newcastle they are singing this song and this has really helped.


Jill Errington

Friends for life | Reviewer: Okpom Gospel J.
    ------ About the song Amigos para siempre performed by Sarah Brightman

'AMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE' what a wonderful and awesome love duet performed by beautiful voices. Each time i listen to this song, i always feel the power of not just love but, Real and Undefiled Love. God bless Sarah and José.

Wanting COMPLETE lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again performed by Sarah Brightman

I have been searching for the complete lyrics to this song (as sung on at least one recording by Sarah Brightman) but have been unable to find a copy. In trying to learn the words, one would think there are no more words than can be found on line.

I relate to this in losing a husband who was very dear and was both a friend and father figure. I wonder if ALL the lyrics to the song can complete such a different perception?

Inspiring and thought-provoking | Reviewer: Guest
    ------ About the song Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again performed by Sarah Brightman

This song is so emotional and bittersweet, maybe in fact a little bit depressing. The lyrics are so deep. However, this helped me get over my very bad case of writer's block. I am currently writing a tragic romance story and I could imagine my two main characters inadvertently singing the same song - because they are both forever separated, but their voices are still alive even though one of them can no longer be physically seen. Thanks for this...

o fab o fab | Reviewer: miss
    ------ About the song O Waly, Waly performed by Sarah Brightman

I really love this song we have been singing it at school and I love reaching the high notes it is upsetting the words but an amazing song my favourite line and chorus is A-gath'ring flowers both red and blue,I leaned my back up against an oak,
Thinking it were a trusty tree;
But first it bent, and then it broke,
Thus did my love, prove false to me.

try and learn it its amazing to sing x

Anytime Anywhere | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Anytime, Anywhere performed by Sarah Brightman

Anytime Anywhere is a beautiful piece, and the lady sings it masterfully. I love getting lost in the lyrics.. Though I wish it had more to it, it would be easier to consider the premise or intention of the song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Silvia
    ------ About the song Think Of Me performed by Sarah Brightman

This song is beautiful, no matter who sings it. It makes me think of this boy I like who moved to Alabama (I live in Wisconsin). I think about him all the time, and I always wonder if he thinks of me.

Memory | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song Memory performed by Sarah Brightman

Beautiful song, but at the end there'd were dot dot dot were is the different lyrics? I need the other lyrics of the song, cause I really want to know!!! Thank you, idk the other lyrics so yea.... C u 2morrow!

amigos para siempre | Reviewer: adams princewill
    ------ About the song Amigos para siempre performed by Sarah Brightman

a wonderful performance by this two wonderful people. Its d most beautiful duet and touching with words full of feelings and wholesomeness. I thank God i did listened to dis, now i can still connect my best friend any where in d world

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