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Broadway star Sarah Brightman was the inspiration behind such stage hits as Phantom of the Opera and Requiem, written in her honor by ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Born August 14, 1960 in Berkhampstead, England, Brightman began dancing at the age of three, and ten years later made her London theatrical debut in Charles Strouse's I and Albert. By 1976, she was a dancer on the television series Pan's People, and later led the pop group Hot Gossip, which in 1978 scored a U.K. number one hit with the single "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper." In 1981, she was cast in the role of Jemima in Lloyd Webber's Cats; there she and the composer were introduced, and he divorced his first wife to marry her in 1984. Their relationship lasted through 1990, during which time Brightman created the role of Christine Daa?in Phantom, also appearing in Requiem and Aspects of Love; after their divorce, she toured in The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber: A Concert Spectacular.

In addition to her stage work, Brightman also recorded a number of solo albums, including 1988's The Trees They Grow So High, 1989's The Songs That Got Away, 1990's As I Come of Age, 1993's Dive, 1995's Fly and 1998's Eden. The following year saw the release of The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection, which featured some of her finest moments from Lloyd Webber cast recordings, as well as The Songs That Got Away. Luna followed in the spring of 2000.

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hi sarah spectacular: in his biography I saw your birth date is equal mia wing and wow your voice is wonderful and I love all their songs take me to the paradise of tranquility. my most sincere congratulations for their achievements and exitos.un big hug

Sarah....... No # 1 on my bucket list | Reviewer: Jojo | 10/17/12

Sarah Brightman is the only singer so far in my life, that can totally relax me when I listen to her sing. She sends shivers up my spine. I will see her in person before I leave this earth.

performance artist | Reviewer: Elaine | 6/20/12

we attended Sarah's world tour concert in Seatle in 2008. The costumes and backdrops were breathtaking and changed for almost every song. there was an ethereal gauzy looking backdrop that slowly morphed from a magnificent crumbling cathedral into an ancient tangled forest. She performed an amazing swim sequence reflected to the audience on an enormous 'mirror'.For one song she was a small exqusite flower in a field of tulips. we took our teenage daughter who was prepared to be bored but remained spell-bound for the entire magical performance.simply the best!

Wishing you were somehow here again. | Reviewer: Catherine Graham | 11/13/11

Every time I hear this song I think of my own father and wish he was back with me. It is a heart rendering song but also true to the feelings that people go through when losing some one so close. Cheers Sarah , you did this song proud as all your others. For me no-one will ever replace you or be as good as you in Phantom of the Opera

Sarah...your voice is a gift from your Father. Jesus is His name. | Reviewer: donnelle arnold | 3/16/11

I pray one day to hear you sing in person, because everytime I would listened to "Pie Jesu" I cried. After months of listening to you sing on CD or DVD I discovered the words in English, I understood why I was so moved.
How splendid and marvelous is that!

hermosa! | Reviewer: Jim | 10/17/09

being at a Sarah´s concert is like being in another dimension, her songs make u feel on different moods yet all them pleasent... when she sings the atmosphere changes and you give in to her feet abd y can be taken to Eden, to paradissum,and to... everywhere; ´cause her songs, eventhough sung in all languages you might don´t know, they're understood! that´s the amazing thing.She can take u to magic moments through her wonderful voice an manjestic presence.don´t need to say I´m in love with her, do I?

Time to say goodbye & others | Reviewer: Lesley | 8/15/09

Time to say goodbye is such a classic. Sarah has the voice of an angel. I love all her music and she can take you from the highest of high's to the lowest of low's but she never, ever leaves you unmoved. Definitly one, if not, the best of the best in her field.

She is an angel | Reviewer: Olivia Rodriguez Rolando | 1/5/09

Sarah Brightman is the best singer that I ever met,she has an amacing voice.Me an my friend Alejandro Suñiga we are the bigguest fans that she have in Cuba.I always dream abut see her in person.How I wish i could go to just one of her concerts.Sarah IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THE WORLD.I ADORE YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah B. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/08

Wow ! and she sings in spanish too!! i love it !! shes also gorgeous girl !! i am not a fan but as a girl too i can admire her work and all the musik ,her voice WOW!! shes gorgeous !! i hope does eyes r for real ! Sarah u r bella ,hermosa and all those good things we say in spanish !!.love Jessie from Canada

Sarah Brightman the only queen of divas | Reviewer: Alejandro Bernal | 11/28/08

It´s strange but it seems that everytime I listen to her unique voice it can take me either up or down, love and sadness, she is so pure as no one else can be. The very best QUEEN Sarah Brightman, the immortal and biggest selling soprano Sarah! I LOVE YOU AND ADORE YOU

theatrical sarah | Reviewer: d robertson | 3/19/08

Sarah - truly a legend in her own mind. To watch her is to watch one fully self-absorbed doing an imitation of an angel, complete with all the arm and hand movements - overblown in the extreem. To listen to her is to hear the little girl voice that lacks support and substance. She is surely grateful for technical and visual support when she performs.

Sarah is the angel of music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

I don't think there is a vocalist alive who can out due Sarah. She's so talented in a million and one ways. Her voice is so pure it's almost as if it isn't of this earth. What an amazing singer! Being a soprano myself I idolize her in every way!

Sarah i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

my favourite,the highest good singer i will always love you the sound of yours makes me joy and calm you conquered me

sahra | Reviewer: william | 10/10/07

if you look deep in her eyes ,while listening to her songs ,you get lost in a different world like being in heaven so to speak some thing like john lenon try to say with imagine

loving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/07

Time to say Good-bye, This isloveing and you don't even have to know what the words are. I can't believe she can sound so different in so many ways.

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