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Imagine how thick the air would be if every word from our mouths flew up toward the sky and hung there, like a cloud. Like the dialog in cartoon strips, only floating free above our heads, without a bubble to contain them. Now imagine the shock of seeing the words we think, but never say, gathered there as well. Our pride, our anger, our doubts, our fears all spelled out and undeniable. How could we live like that?

For Sara Groves, whose music speaks into existence words
most of us would never dare, as vulnerable at that More...

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Review about Sara Groves songs
Inspiring and beautiful... | Reviewer: Victoria Sprinkle
    ------ About the song It Might Be Hope performed by Sara Groves

We've all been there one time or another... when it rains it pours. life tends to happen in clumps, and sometimes's those clumps pf trials, pain, whatever they may be, happen back to back for so long, we are just walking around on Auto-Pilot, trying to get through the day. Then... 'hope has a way of turning it's face to you, just when you least expect it.' A beautifully written song, and the music is peaceful and inspiring.

hauntingly beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Maybe There's A Loving God performed by Sara Groves

The lyrics, the drum, the softness of its truth speak deeply to my soul. If I had to pick 3 songs in the world which most closely represent myself, this song would make that top 3, possibly #1.

Generations | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song Generations performed by Sara Groves

Inspired by this song for years. Hoped I would perform this one myself as a worship leader. I am old now, but will include this song in my childrens handing downs.
Yawhew bless Sarah

the word | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Word performed by Sara Groves

This song is incredible awsome. i spent time looking for this song on the computer and web internet and i could not find it until i stumbledf across it on my cd i was flabusgasted that i had it all along but now i can sing the song and share it with my children's choir thank you for making this song. also i like the song god is faaithfull song too great visuals.

Timeless | Reviewer: Lynn
    ------ About the song Word performed by Sara Groves

I recently heard this song for the first time. What a blessing to put it so simple. The word was, is, and will be. It reminds me how simple it really is to Love our God now and forever, no matter what has gone on in the past, today or the future world. Jesus' promise lives. Lively beat, great voice.

What a reassurance! | Reviewer: Wangari
    ------ About the song He's Always Been Faithful performed by Sara Groves

This song brings so much comfort to me. I lost my mother to leukemia last year September. Sometimes I remember how much pain she went through and I really miss her but through it all I have seen God's faithfulness, His comfort and love.

What a faithful, loving and caring Father we have!

THINK ABOUT IT | Reviewer: Billy R. Wade
    ------ About the song Awakening performed by Sara Groves

What a picture of being convicted by the Holy Spirit and progressing through the true process to true salvation. At first it sounds a little irreverant, but you soon figure Sara is simply going through the typical attitudes of the average sinner that is under conviction. I listened for over a year before I really paid attention and saw the whole picture she is painting. Another gem from one of the true heroes of the faith.

lyric mistakes | Reviewer: patrice
    ------ About the song Tent In The Center Of Town (Live) performed by Sara Groves

"...and the gentelmen all give up their seats, to the women who've been on their feet.."

Great Song | Reviewer: tina
    ------ About the song Every Minute performed by Sara Groves

This is such a gift... I give it to the people who are dear to me... It's a beautiful way to express what is hard to put into words sometimes!!! :-)

Love this tune!!! | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song Tent In The Center Of Town (Live) performed by Sara Groves

Is this a new song? I have heard it before.
It's a great song - I just have never heard something that
brings such a simple face to the picture of what I am as a
young woman coming to see in my faith, in good old
fashioned LOVE that spills out from the Gospel and through
this fellowship. It reminds me of all that is true,
all that is lovely, living in a world where it is easy to
get caught up, in the seemingly chaotic life of new fellowship.
This song represents that which is truly grace , and Truth
that Christ asks us to be and to know, just the simple-
I love this song!

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