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Sara Beth is scared to death
To hear what the doctor will say
She hasn't been well
Since the day that she fell
And the bruise it just wont go away

So she sits and she waits with her mother and dad
And flips through an old magazine
'Til the nurse with a smile stands at the door
And says "Will you please come with me?"

Sara Beth is scared to death
Cause the doctor just told her the news
Between the red cells and white
Something's not right
But we're gonna take care of you

Six chances in ten it wont come back again
But with the therapy we're gonna try
It's just been approved it's the strongest there is
But I think we caught it in time
Sara Beth closes her eyes

And she dreams she's dancin' around and around
Without any cares
And her very first love
Is holding her close
And the soft wind is blowing her hair

Sara Beth is scared to death
As she sits holding her mom
Cause It would be a mistake
For someone to take
A girl with no hair to the prom

For just this morning right there on her pillow
Was the cruelest of any surprise
Yet She cried when she gathered it all in her hands
The proof that she couldn't deny
SaraBeth closes her eyes

And she dreams she's dancin' around and around
With out any cares
And her very first love
Was holding her close
And the soft wind was blowing her hair

It's quarter to seven
that boy's at the door
Her daddy ushers him in
And when he takes off his cap they all start to cry
Cause this morning where his hair had been
Softly she touches just skin

They go dancin' around and around
Without any cares
And her very first true love
Is holding her close
And for a moment she isn't scared

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Your Baby's Safe With me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/13

Sara Beth is an amazing song! There are songs that just touch our hearts so deeply...and this is one of them. There is also a very comforting and healing song that I know will comfort and help heal your heart and soul during the most dilifficult times. Please google "your baby's safe with me" and listen to the song and its amazing message. May your illness heal, your spirit strengthen and your soul be fulfilled.

GIVING THANKS | Reviewer: Mary Lea White | 12/30/12


Bless All Of You | Reviewer: Fallen Angel | 12/9/12

I cried reading these reviews. My sister's friend had cancer, but thankfully God held her hand and guided her through it. To all cancer patients: I want to give all of you a hug!!!!

wow | Reviewer: wow | 11/2/12

this song from Rascal flatt is so touching and so beautiful, they are very amazing band, love this song. The word are so beautiful, god bless everyone and give courage to those who figh this terrible thing

My granddaughter is Sarah Beth | Reviewer: Sarah Henderson | 11/1/12

Her name is Sarah Elisabeth but we called her Sarah Beth when she was little.I heard the song for the first time on dancing with the stars. I almost cried as I was thinking how awful it would be if that was my Sarah Beth.The song and the dance was so beautiful.I hope it brings some comfort to the families of cancer patients.

Crying :,( | Reviewer: Sarah | 10/29/12

My name is truly "Sarah Beth". I honestly just heard this song for the first time and broke down crying. When I was 20 yrs old, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had the surgery 10 days before my 21st birthday. It was one of the scariest things that I've gone through. The Dr.'s said that I had it for 5 yrs or more and I had no idea. I've been good and clear for the last 11 yrs now but hearing this song made it seem like it was yesterday. I thank god that I'm still here every day and that I've been cancer free.

Close to hom | Reviewer: Eugenia | 10/30/12

I listen to this song for the first time last night on Dancing with the stars and and tears started to flow down my face, next week November 6 we are taking my daughter to the cancer clinic to hear what we as parents never want to hear that our beautiful daughter has cancer... thank you for the beautiful song.

scared to death | Reviewer: your home state | 9/26/12

thank you Rascal Flats for the Sara Beth song im a fan of you guys and i like that we are from the same state Ohio. but i have just found out that my boyfriend has cancer in his esophogus. I know how bad i feel, i can only guesss how bad he id feeling right now. Just a month a go we were making plans to get married , now thats on hold cause we are making apts for getting his chemo treatments done.

Thank you Rascal Flatts | Reviewer: Haley | 6/15/12

A little deaf girl I take care of can't hear, talk, eat, drink, etc. We are hoping that she makes it another year. Her body is deformed and it is hard to communicate with her. This song makes me think of her. I hope when she's in heaven and as perfect as can be, she will be able to hear this song.

Why? | Reviewer: Sarabeth | 5/28/12

My name is Sarabeth kinda weird but my grandmother died of breast cancer. My mom lost her mom when she was only 11. It crazy and cruel how we can loss things in a blink of an eye just dont forget that!

My True Story ! | Reviewer: Heather Wilson | 4/26/12

I married my high school sweetheart. When i found out i was pregnant i was also diagnosed with cancer. The dr wanted to abort i told him him would have to kill me first and he would lose the fight. I delivered a healthy baby girl one month later i had surgery to remove the cancer and began treatment. My hair fell out i weighed 84lbs but our new born daughter was as healthy as she could be. Everyday out in public while peoe would stare my husband my high school sweetheart would pull off my hat kiss my bare head and tell me i was the most beautiful sight he has ever seen. We were together 8wonderful yrs married almost seven when the Lord took him in his sleep while we were holding hands as our 4yr old little girl slept between us that night. 10 days before her 5th birthday. I was diagnosed with the same cancer again 2 months later. It was so hard going through it a second time and the looks people would give me and our lil 5yr old girl. She just lost her daddy i lost the only love i have had and i was trying to be atrong for her. I wasnt going toet cancer take me away from her too. I am currently 5weeks out of surgery so far the news and test r good. I know he was my angel who got me through this. One day we will be dancing around in Heaven together again but not until i take care of our little girl here first.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Rhonda | 4/17/12

When I first heard this song,I cried it brings back alot of memories,for I have had uncles,aunts,grandparent,and many friends to die of cancer.So I truly love what the song represents.To all who face this chalenge disease my Prayers go out to you and your families.

amazing | Reviewer: angelica | 2/16/12

last sunday night, my best friend and i are watching a filipino movie, entitled "Forever and A Day". The girl died because of leukemia. When the movie is through, my bestfriend played the song "Skin" of Rascal Flatts. I was so overwhelmed that couldn't utter any words. Then i remember my grand father died because of cancer. At first, it's really painful. But then we realized he'll be with God someday.. Thanks be to God.

Sara | Reviewer: Mikki | 1/9/12

My aunt Sara just passed away this September. My whole family shaved our heads for her in March. The first time I heard this song was 3 or 4 years ago, and I never thought anything of it, except that it was sad. My mom heard it a few weeks ago, and totally broke down. Her sister was Sara, and her other sister is Beth. It's really weird, but I'm glad Rascal Flatts did this song: It's beautiful, and has a wonderful message. Everyone is beautiful, even if the have no hair and are scared to death.

I luv it but so sad ); | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/11

The first time I listend to this song I was about five and I didnt really understand it but now all these years later I just listend to it again and I cried my eyes out, it was so sad!!! I Love love love this song! GOD BLESS EVERYONE WITH CANCER!!!!!

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