Santana Lyrics

FORMED: 1966, San Francisco, CA

The origins of SANTANA lie in a chance meeting in San
Francisco between Carlos Santana and keyboardist Gregg
Rolie in 1966. Towards the end of that year the two
musicians formed the Santana Blues Band together with Tim
Frazer on guitar, Gus Rodrigues on bass, Rod Harper on
drums and Michael Carabello on congas. Carabello provided
the third element in what was, in barely three years, to
become the band SANTANA.

The Santana Blues Band began to attract a following to
their version of Chicago blues from More...

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Review about Santana songs
Wrong Wrong Wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She's Not There performed by Santana

Check your facts! This song was not written by santana. They covered it yes. BTW, who buys ringtones? They are easy enough to tell your smart phone to use a wav or mp3 file that you edit down to a few seconds of the most recognizable or favorite bits. Oh wait a minute, that takes some brains! And BRAINS is the hint to who actually wrote this song.

Shocked to see no comments | Reviewer: Mayank
    ------ About the song Chill Out (Things Gonna Change) performed by Santana

WEll... this songs comes in handy at difficult times,. Things re gonna change and certainly they do after a while ... even if you try nothing.. sometimes it is required that you do not actually try something.. just let go... and then.....................things gonna change !!!

everytime | Reviewer: N.
    ------ About the song Just Feel Better performed by Santana

everytime I listen this song, my heart starts beating faster and I just start crying. Because it's exactly how I feel. I feel lost and I want to feel better, but I need help. I can't do this alone.

Spelling correction | Reviewer: Becky
    ------ About the song Smooth performed by Santana

"You're my reaosn for reason" instead of "your my reason for reason".
"you hear my rythm on the radio" instead of "from your radio"

"give me your heart" instead of "give me your hard".

Something wrong.. | Reviewer: Carlos Paredes
    ------ About the song Nothing At All performed by Santana

In the Chorus part "Te quiero - me quiero" in fact they saying "Te quiero mi cielo", something like "I love you honey" but in spanish... I hope this help you and change this cuz this lyrics are in many pages wrong...

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Into The Night performed by Santana

This song is fantastic.. And I was one of the many that thought this was originally a Nickelback song...

The guitar skills are amazing, place them together with the vocals and you'll get a great song like this

back to life from being quasi-machine | Reviewer: David faubion
    ------ About the song Everything's Coming Our Way performed by Santana

the soul the love the joy the giving receiving the confidence the trust the embrace the dancing of liberation the forgiving and empathy for all (including me) who are captured by the machine of ego ... this song is the Everybody's Everything. This song turns anger to tears of joy and knowing hope for the ideals of love and understanding: unity. Let`s leave beyond here ... Keep striving (to know and be aware) --Buddha's last words

ultra happy! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Into The Night performed by Santana

I usually listen to rock music a bit "gloomier" than this however I do enjoy listening to Santana, and this song... it is... so happy! I mean, it makes me feel happy, don't know why, there definitely aren't many songs that do so!

Just Perfect | Reviewer: Dejan from Macedonia
    ------ About the song Into The Night performed by Santana

I love this song, it's like I'm in another dimension or some kind of meditation when I'm listening this song. Santana's guitar is awesome as always and the voice of Chad Kroeger perfectly match for this song. Just turn the volume to the max and enjoy!

an amazing moment | Reviewer: steph
    ------ About the song Into The Night performed by Santana

pulled into dash's late, late, late one night, randomly, and this song was playing, and we got out and danced to it, holding each other close and it was absolutely magical, one of the best moments of my life

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