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Alexandra Elene MacLean (``Sandy'') Denny was born in
London on January 6, 1947, and grew up in Wimbledon. She
began playing piano and guitar at an early age and sang in
her school choir, although she didn't originally intend to
be a singer.

Sandy studied nursing for a year, but then left college to
pursue a career as a folk singer, singing in pubs and clubs
around England in the mid 1960's. She was invited to sing
on a BBC radio broadcast and this led to a record deal with
Saga Records (The Original Sandy Denny). Soon afterwards, More...

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Review about Sandy Denny songs
The singer not the song | Reviewer: Graham Chadwick
    ------ About the song Ringing Down The Years performed by Sandy Denny

A beautiful, sad song in remembrance of a wonderful singer.
As it refers to her death ("I was in a Cleveland hotel room when they telephoned the news..."), she did not write it. It was written by, I believe Dave Cousins of The Strawbs.

fabulous sandy | Reviewer: stella ashley
    ------ About the song The Sea performed by Sandy Denny

I have recently discovered Sandy Denny and I am really sad that I missed this lady with such great talent.
Shocking the nature of her passing, she is now my icon
Kate Bush sings of her in her album never for ever ,so what more of a fitting tribute
listen to Sandy Denny's music

Review of Sandy Denny's song John the Gun | Reviewer: Richard Cox
    ------ About the song John The Gun performed by Sandy Denny

This is one of Sandy’s most powerful songs, both lyrically and in the way she performs it.
It’s not one of Sandy’s more reflective efforts, which are generally more well-known (Who Knows Where The Time Goes / The Banks Of The Nile, for example). This is a powerful and gritty anti-war song which brings home the horrors of young men dying pointlessly to great effect. If you search around you can find recordings both from the studio and live, the latter having a really driving bass and drum line which thumps home terrifically. I still keep wondering what Sandy would have achieved if she had lived to mature her career.

Shivers | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Farewell, Farewell performed by Sandy Denny

One of the few songs that still brings a lumpto my throat and a shiver to my spine each time I hear it. (and, since I'm an engineer, that takes some doing)

jewel | Reviewer: bob
    ------ About the song If You Saw Thro' My Eyes performed by Sandy Denny

to me,this album is a of my few true favourites,along with bert jansch n°1,harvest,blood on the tracks,or donovan's sunny goodge's fresh,though deep,and heavenly.too bad it's impossible to get !!

Maybe I'm confused. | Reviewer: Craig
    ------ About the song Come All Ye performed by Sandy Denny

But I'm listening to this song right now on Liege & Lief which is FAIRPORT CONVENTION and I would think it more just to put it under them.... If I'm not mistaken... they were the first to perform it...

Either way, one of my favorite Fairport songs.

curiosity | Reviewer: edner
    ------ About the song Late November performed by Sandy Denny

I am brazilian, and love Sandy.
I would like to know what means the lyrics of ^Late November^.

awesome song..."the subject was roses" | Reviewer: maurice garcia
    ------ About the song Who Knows Where The Time Goes? performed by Sandy Denny

American Film Institute just recently did the top 100 songs in american movies...this song is such a classic, but it was overlooked...and judy collins gave it the "umph"...the movie was "the subject was roses"....and sandy dennis lyrics are inspiring

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