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In you and I, there's a new land
Angels in flight
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
What's left of me
What's left of me now...

I watch you fast asleep
All I fear means nothing
In you and I, there's a new land
Angels in flight
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
What's left of me,
What's left of me...

(So many ups and downs)
My heart's a battleground
(I need true emotions)
(I need more affection than you know)
(I need true emotions)

You show me how to see
That nothing is whole and nothing is broken
In you and I, there's a new land
Angels in flight
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
Where fears and lies melt away,
Music will tie
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
What's left of me,
What's left of me now...

My fears, my lies..
Melt away

I need more affection than you know (reversed)

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lol @alex | Reviewer: someone? | 3/24/13

u cant understand about music dont say something like u understand like a musician
even someone not play KH like her song
so whut about a gamers? i think ur the one need to learn some music from musician ;D
cos utada's song are awesome <3
i played KH2 and im KH fan too
im fan of utada before i played KH so wut >__>
u have to go outside and refresh ur mind dont just judge people like hell

I love this song and the game. :D | Reviewer: Our Bleeding Shadow | 2/14/13

This song is so amazing, I always sing along to the opening. XD I always thought is was 'Music will die' as well but if you listen really carefully you can hear her pronounce the 't'. So it is Music will tie. (Though Music will die makes more sense)

Incredible | Reviewer: Ausgirl | 7/1/12

I think that this song is the most moving song I have ever heard. Also I think this is wrong but to me it sounds like it says "Music will die". Awesome song, I'm trying to learn all the words now!

kh 2 | Reviewer: elijah A.K.A roxas | 6/16/12

Utada Hikaru is the most supportive artist ever .And i think this song goes out to Namine because she is in the castel of oblivious and that is like her sanctuary .P.S Namine draws good. go simple and clean. Also I thought Namine was bad because she drew that picture of Sora inside that flower thing and she seen him and didint do any thing about it. KHII rocks!

I love kingdom hearts | Reviewer: Johnette | 5/12/12

I love this song and simple and clean I think that these songs are the only songs that could have been used for kingdom hearts,every other song dosent tell the story of it like these do I am a huge Hikaru utada and kingdom hearts fan they both rick

Another gonna be | Reviewer: Jessica Paige | 3/23/12

In my opinion, she is a gonna be not a wanna be. Utada can sing. This song is awesome!!!! I have many people whom which agree with me. I like the way she says,"My heart's a battle ground," I adore this song. If you like Ayaka then you'll really like Utada. And that is only true.

Life-one way to live | Reviewer: Dreamzz #12 | 2/29/12

This song is amazing! Utada Hikaru roolz...she puts alot of feeling into her songs, which is so inspiring. Sanctuary fits perfect with Kingdom Hearts and i personally think that everyone should have a positive outlook on life.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Beatriz | 2/29/12

Well, i'm spanish speaker and really take me few time on take the sense of this song.. its just beautiful . I think I played this videogame sometime ago, really dont remember it. Already i love the miss Utada Hikaru's songs. Sorry,i have really bad english .. I know. :(

Stunning | Reviewer: Jamie | 10/11/11

This song is absolutely beautiful, I love how well it tied into Kingdom hearts and the story behind it. While I am a huge Kingdom hearts fan, I also love many of Utada's songs. This song to me is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that it's sora vs riku, in the same song, frontwards and backwards. That's priceless. I'm writing a lyric analysis in my creative writing class on this song, because it moves me so much. (Pr

Kindom hearts 358/2 days is awesome | Reviewer: Evan Corley | 6/15/11

I beat all of of kingdom hearts 358/2 days it is the best game in the world.It is sad though.everyone forgets xion and her name means won't forget you.the enfernal engine you need the right keyblade for it.i have unlocked dual weild Roxas.

i like it! | Reviewer: sangoakajess | 5/7/11

this is my anthem!!! i know all the lyrics already! i also like kingdom hearts 358/2 days but i cant beat that infernal engine thing!! well anyway the song is cool and ill remember it for the rest of my heartless life!

GO UTADA HAKIRU!!!! | Reviewer: Alexa 101 | 5/6/11

This song is my favorite song ever.the first kingdom hearts i played was kingdom hearts 358/2 and it had my sancutuary on it. Dont get me wrong i love simple and clean too but my sancuary really spoke out to me. Dont let us down utada hakiru!!!!!

<3 This Song!! | Reviewer: Autumn | 3/11/11

I loooove this song!! I think that this, along with Simple and Clean, really tie into the story of Kingdom Hearts (though it sounds like it could tie in with anything). I really love the message within this song. Have any of you listened to it backwards? The actual song tells the story of Sora while the song backwards sounds as if its Riku's side of the story. I love Kingdom Hearts and I love Utada Hikaru. I'll be waiting for possibly a new song in Kingdom Hearts 3 when it's to be released!!

So Fickle to Argue Online... | Reviewer: Carspe | 1/8/11

First, I want to say that this poet and her poetry are worth all the praise. Now, to adress all those people with the audacity and cold heart to insult people online. The people who get online to insult us without even ever meeting us (like this Alex kid I keep hearing about) are actually at the bottom end of this arguement. Therefore, we shouldn't be so hard on these bashers, their just looking for a way to let out the stress and anger that accumilate in their lives.

One thing I must say before ceasing my rant:
"Look into the mirror before looking out the window."
(Take a look at yourself before you judge others.)

Sanctuary | Reviewer: Natee | 1/3/11

This song is a great spectrum of the lyrics Ms. Hikaru sings. The words, even backwards, are meaningful as ever, in the sense that (obviously) Utada Hikaru must have gone through a terrible experience with someone, and she felt the need to sing about a better place (her Sanctuary). The lyrics backwards only add to the eerie pain she felt.

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