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Sanctification Parade Biography

Last updated: 09/21/2011

What is Sanctification Parade?

Sanctification Parade is a Christian alternative-rock band, dedicating their music to Jesus Christ. In late 2007, Joel Cain had the idea of starting the band which has evolved to include the current band members.

Joel Cain - vocals, guitar, keys, misc.
Dustyn Fink - vocals, guitar
Sebastian Dysktra - guitar
Aaron Cain - vocals, bass, misc.
Zac Willems - drums

What does Sanctification Parade mean?

Sanctification Parade can mean a lot of things. A parade doesn’t always have to be people going around playing music, but it still works because we are doing just that. A parade can also be a group of people going around, doing the same thing for a cause. We are going around, doing something for Jesus Christ. Our purpose with Sanctification Parade is to let others know about God’s love through our music, and to have them become sanctified through His salvation so that they can live the lives God desires them to and be saved. We also want to strengthen the lives of already-existing Christians, and encourage them to join the parade. We want it to be big; people going around, unashamed and out in the open, spreading the love of Jesus Christ among others.

Band History

Sanctification Parade is an alternative-rock band based in Calgary, Alberta. The lyrical content of their songs consist of words inspired by The Bible and life experiences, in which God is made the main focus.

In late 2007, Joel Cain started the band with a couple friends from his old school. Over the years, there have been various rotations in band members. It has been a long journey in maintaining a solid lineup of committed musicians who share a relationship with Jesus Christ. The band now includes five members who were brought together by God in unique ways. Through all of the challenges that the band has faced, Sanctification Parade has pressed on, determined to spread God's love through their music.

On March 11, 2011, Sanctification Parade released their "No More Vacancy" single digitally on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CDBaby, and many other online music stores. On August 30, 2011, the band put out their debut full-length album, "Against the Grain."