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Sanatorium Biography

Last updated: 09/26/2003 10:58:01 PM

The beginning of the band fall upon the period of time around the year 1991 - when Onecque together with Stasho decided to form a metal band. They brought it into successful end not sooner than at the beginning of 1994. The line-up changed to this period several times, so that the band consisted of the following members: Alky - drums, Onecque, Warmo - guitars, Martin - bass, vocals. The band was fascinated by death metal from the beginning and tried to create their first compositions.

The first concert of Sanatorium took place in may, 1994, in hometown and this show was followed by further gigs in another Slovak cities. A time had come for the recording of first demo tape and this happened in march, 1995. The demo got a name ”Subculture” and contained 7 songs in length of 23 minutes. Sanatorium prepared new material in few month. This time they decided to enter one of the most high quality studios in Slovakia - The Pro Art Studio.

At the beginning of october, 1996, 6 new compositions in length of about 20 minutes were recorded. The release of this was seized by a new arisen firm Erebos Productions and the material is available in december of 1996 under the name ”Autumn Shadows”. ”Autumn Shadows” is also released on vinyl in may 1997, under the heading of labels Erebos Productions and View Beyond Records. Unbelievably good reactions helped to very good sale as some 3500 cassetes were sold worldwide plus the complete load of 7”EPs.

The huge number of gigs, festivals together with famous bands is accompanied with the release of new material under the name ”Necrologue”. It contains 4 new issues and one bonus track - re-recorded song from ”Subculture” demo plus one previously unreleased track. The tape is released again in june 1998, with the heading Erebos Productions, and despite the unsatisfactory sound it does very well. It was managed to insure the appearance of the band on huge number of big festivals in CzR and SR.

After that new drummer – Milan, joined the band and replaced Alky. Sanatorium recorded in may 1999 their debut CD ”Arrival of the forgotten ones” in Pro-Art studio again. It was released 3.6.1999 by Erebos Productions/Dagdy Music and next day started their first European tour with Lividity (US) and Fleshless (CZ) – 8 gigs though Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia. Warmo decided to left the band due to personal problems and Sanatorium decided to play only like 3 piece band. In august and september Sanatorium toured in Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Belarus… and in novemeber supported CENTINEX on ”Bloodhunt” tour through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia… Milan decided to leave the band and new drummer was found in person of Dzordz.
In March 2000 Sanatorium palyed on 4 weeks long tour with US death/grinders SEPSISM. This tour helped to good sales of debut album. It was sold till now in 3000 CDs and 800 tapes. After this tour Sanatorium played only seldom some shows in Europe and hardly prepared new material which was recorded in Moonset studio in January/February 2001. It was released on wings of FORENSICK MUSIC in February 2001. From March 2001 Sanatorium played on 5 weeks long European tour with Mexican grinders DISGORGE to promote new CD and then later in autumn 2001 again 5 weeks long tour with Swedish band Soils of Fate.
In Spring 2002 Sanatorium recorded new album which was released on Sevared Records in USA and is titled "Goresoaked Reincarnation". Keepin it fucking sick!!!

DZORDZ - drums
ONECQUE - guitars
MARTIN - inahles/exhales/bass