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Sammy Kershaw is typically blunt about his new album, Maybe
Not Tonight. "I think it's probably the best thing I've
ever done," he says. After the chart-topping triumph of
"Love Of My Life" from his last release,1997's Labor Of
Love, those are heady words indeed for a star with a string
of platinum and gold albums to his credit.

Since catapulting to the forefront of 'the contemporary
country scene in' 1991 , Kershaw has been revered as a
true-to-his-roots honky-tonker with a gift for telling
real-life tales. But "Love Of My Life" More...

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Review about Sammy Kershaw songs
Sammy, you just get better and better. | Reviewer: Kim Greene
    ------ About the song Better Than I Used To Be performed by Sammy Kershaw

I have always loved your music, please don't change. To many country singers start out country, then go more to a country rock. Just can't stand it when the back ground is louder than the performers. Saw you in Hinckley Minnesota with Joe and Aaron, loved your show please come back to Hinckley real soon. Sammy you are defiantly right up there with "the possum" so glad you are doing your tribute to him, he and Conway were my first loves in country music, along with Vern Gosdin, whom always brings tears to my eyes and a ache in my heart, isn't that what country song are all about, emotions. Keep doing what your doing, And Sammy always be true to yourself the rest will follow.Your new song refers to the man in the mirror which really is the wonderful poem "the man in the glass". Best of luck! And Bless your heart!

The Route That I Took - corrections | Reviewer: Leroy Edmonds
    ------ About the song The Route That I Took performed by Sammy Kershaw

1st verse -line 1, last word is miles, not times
-line 3, "way down", not "went down"
-line 5, not sure, but I think it should be hailed, not held

Chorus, 3rd line, last word is book, not move

2nd verse -line 3, roads, not roots
-line 5, "Just not all that I've done"
-line 6, "There's not much I haven't lived through"

After listening to the song quite a few times, I think those corrections will make the lyrics what Sammy is actually singing.

Storybook 2 | Reviewer: Mikala
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life (you Are The Love Of My Life) performed by Sammy Kershaw

The following area is only for review if you want to sumbit the lyrics or the corrections of the lyrics please click the link at the end of Love Of My Life you Are the love of my life lyrics

Aww, shucks. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer performed by Sammy Kershaw

This reminds me of my girl and me when we were still together in the sweet ol' South. We ate KFC every damn night and, shucks, it was 'amazin'. I loved that girl until she ran off with that Yankee from New Yourk Cit-ay.

This song is my heart encased in gold. That music video, it brings me up when times are down and blue, just like them Yankee uniforms.

The person who wrote HE DRINKS TEQUILA | Reviewer: Gary Whitfield
    ------ About the song He Drinks Tequila (Lorrie Morgan with Sammy Kershaw) performed by Sammy Kershaw

I just found out that a good friend of mine who lives in Mexico wrote the song (He Drinks Tequila) and sold it to Sammy for $15,000 his name is Tom de Borrello, he also wrote (Reasons to Quit) that he gave to Merle Haggard for the use of Merles studio.Tom is a gifted songwriter and singer.

perfect wedding song | Reviewer: jennifer
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Sammy Kershaw

This is the wedding song for me. My husband is the love of my life. I couldn't imagine dancing to another song.

Just heard it the other day | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Sammy Kershaw

I just heard this song the other day on Sirius radio and I was blown away. Both my boyfriend and I were speechless. It said everything about us. I've got to get the album!

Really written by | Reviewer: Lee Wencl
    ------ About the song Cadillac Style performed by Sammy Kershaw

I think it's worng to claim that these are Sammy's lyrics. This song was actually written by Mark Peterson. I should know...I worked with him in Shotgun Red's backup band.


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