Sammy Hagar Albums

  • Sammy Hagar & Friends Album (9/24/2013)
    Winding Down
    Not Going Down
    Personal Jesus
    Father Sun
    Knockdown Dragout
    Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
    Bad On Fords And Chevrolets
    All We Need Is An Island
    Going Down
    Bonus Tracks
    Space Station #5
    Bad Motor Scooter

  • Cosmic Universal Fashion Album (11/18/2008)
    Cosmic Universal Fashion
    Psycho Vertigo
    Fight For Your Right To Party
    Switch On The Light
    When The Sun Don't Shine
    I'm On A Roll
    Dreams / Cabo

  • Livin' It Up! Album (7/25/2006)
    Sam I Am
    Living On A Coastline
    The Way We Live
    I Love This Bar
    One Sip
    Rainy Day Women #12/#35
    Halfway To Memphis
    Let Me Take You There

  • The Essential Red Collection Album (8/10/2004)
    Bad Motor Scooter
    Thinking Of You
    Call My Name
    I've Done Everything For You
    Heavy Metal
    I'll Fall In Love Again
    There's Only One Way To Rock
    Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
    Two Sides Of Love
    I Can't Drive 55
    The Girl Gets Around
    Winner Takes It All
    Give To Live
    Eagles Fly
    High Hopes
    Little White Lie
    Marching To Mars
    Mas Tequila

  • Hallelujah (Live) Album (5/20/2003)
  • Not 4 Sale Album (10/8/2002)
  • Ten 13 Album (10/24/2000)
  • Red Voodoo Album (3/23/1999)
  • Marching To Mars Album (5/20/1997)
  • All Night Long (Live) Album (7/1/1996)
  • Unboxed Album (3/15/1994)
  • Turn Up The Music! Album (7/1/1993)
  • Red Hot (Live) Album (7/1/1992)
  • I Never Said Goodbye Album (7/1/1987)
  • VOA Album (7/1/1984)
  • Three Lock Box Album (7/1/1982)
  • Standing Hampton Album (7/1/1981)
  • Danger Zone Album (7/1/1979)
  • Street Machine Album (7/1/1979)
  • Musical Chairs Album (7/1/1977)
  • Red Album (7/1/1977)
  • Nine On A Ten Scale Album (7/1/1976)

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    SAMMY AND THE GANG>>>RED HOT!! | Reviewer: Wolf X1X
        ------ About the album Red Hot (Live) performed by Sammy Hagar

    One of the best LIVE albums ever produce by Sammy Haggar. With monster ballads and anthem songs the we all love and enjoy from Sammy. And the masterful musicianship shown here was outstanding. Enjoy and TURN THIS UP. Cuz it's RED HOT!!!

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