Sammie Albums

  • Insomnia Album (9/4/2012)
    Tryna Fall Asleep Intro
    Ambien Nights
    Put It In
    Quarter Century
    Morning After
    Better Than Good Enough
    Dumb Dumb Interlude
    Heart Killer
    Fight For Love
    Man Cry
    Do You

  • Coming Of Age Album (7/1/2010)
    Body Rock
    Sky's The Limit

  • It's Just A Mixtape Album (6/24/2010)
    Naughty Girl
    Phone Call
    Round 2
    B Word
    You Are

  • It's Time Album (1/14/2010)
    Sexin' In The Rain
    Magic Show
    Old Thing Back
    Put It On My Tab
    Out There
    Wake Up
    Time Machine

  • Sammie Album (11/1/2006)
  • From The Bottom To The Top Album (3/14/2000)

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    Reviews about Sammie albums

    I Loved You From Day One To Now | Reviewer: caramel flaver
        ------ About the album Sammie performed by Sammie

    i want you to know that the new cd is so amazing. i loved want you did to it and i loved how you came back. the thing i love about you is that you thank every boby for what you got and how for you came in life. to me you was always a person that i looked up to. you and two others make me want to be a singer and a person kids can look up to. stay sweet,sexy,and keep that voice as beatuful as ever.

    love always,
    selena curtis

    What A Come Back | Reviewer: Kat
        ------ About the album Sammie performed by Sammie

    I love the new Sammie cd. It's filled with songs that I can listen to repeatedly!!! I recommand this cd for anyone who loves R&B!!!!

    Sammie | Reviewer: Nikisha
        ------ About the album From The Bottom To The Top performed by Sammie

    Sammie is very sweet. His album is very nice and it sounds very good. Now that he is older he has changed and he looks Fine.

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