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A Tribe Called Quest Same Ol' Thing Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2010 12:00:00 PM

Check my style out
Life situations are the ones I speak about
It seems cats now-a-days be gettin' introduced to courage
Don't get discouraged 'cause my words will threw her like flourish
we got the bounty
we from the queen's county
overlookin' things like a Rushmore Mounty
And got no other choice except to get a little love
We rise above
The beat be fittin' like a glove
Thr pain in my heart is getting dosed by joy
We have no other ploy but to bring the B-boy
There's nothin' on this earth that can instill fear
The locomotive, puttin' my thing in gear
I only have the fear of God and that's taqua
You need binaca, Your trap is blazing like blanca
I got the lethal you couldn't put a match to it
Let me know yo we could do it like Stu it
Mind over matter action is needed
When the big one not to be superceded
Responsibility is somethin' I can't deny
The illegallies is the Narcist reply
Most cats is scrambled do so 'cause they want to
But on the kick rising in the past on impromptu
My lily's hot like two links in the skillet
A room filled with speakers one stage, watch me kill it
Knowledge should be sought from the cradle to the grave
Rhyming opposition get it twisted like Super Dave
You be looking, Bub, just like Uncle Jesse
Don't make the scene messy
'Cause it'll jump that's word to Aunt Betsy
Profound sentences to pure lyric gems
Some of my friends be like a people with stems
Folks be on the chase for this cheddar
Thinkin' it makes your life better
But it can make you ass out
And when I'm at a show chicks never pass out
We got the noise to make the whole mash out loud
A Tribe Called Quest make the party go down
Plus we make positive vibes to fill up all your crowns
Lyrics come to cats like a hot and cold flash
So can come with ease if four and a smash
Held the fort down like the Justice League Hall of Superfriends
But in the world turmoil spins
Brothers walk the street with the ill pace face
City life breathes contempt for each race
All praises due to Allah and I should say it
It' the abstract, motivator making things better
Puttin' everything in perspective to rock
and roll 'cause you know this kid is got wild soul
Americana, Miss drama like starved out piranha
Cold like ice, jet hot like a sauna
It's the haves vs the have-nots guess who's arrived in the hood
Exposing all wrongs it's all good
Yo word up, hip-hop is live like a wire
Let's get a little bit before the whole joint expire
I got to stress it again
This here is for my kin,
And all my babies
Children of the world, no maybe's
To you we got to move through
And push through
Because we got to make it happen keep the true blue

It's like that
So much confusion goin' on
So much confusion goin' on
Inside all mine
Inside all mine
So much confusion goin' on
Uh, uh, uh, uh
But everything will be fine
So much confusion goin' on
So much confusion goin' on
Gotta make it alright
Gotta make it alright
Gotta elevate your mind
Elevate your mind
Elevate your mind
Elevate your mind
Elevate your mind
Elevate your mind
Elevate your mind
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