Sam Phillips Albums

  • Omnipop Album (8/20/1996)
    Plastic is Forever
    Animals on Wheels
    Zero Zero Zero!
    Help Yourself
    Your Hands
    Power World
    Where Are You Taking Me
    Compulsive Gambler
    Faster Pussycat To The Library
    Slapstick Heart

  • Martinis & Bikinis Album (3/8/1994)
    Love and Kisses
    Same Rain
    Baby I Can't Please You
    Circle of Fire
    Strawberry Road
    When I fall
    Same Changes
    Black Sky
    Fighting With Fire
    I Need Love
    Wheel of the Broken Voice
    Gimme Some Truth

  • Cruel Inventions Album (5/28/1991)
    Go Down
    Cruel Inventions
    Standing Still
    Tripping Over Gravity
    Now I Can't Find The Door
    Private Storm
    Raised on Promises
    Hole In Time
    Where The Colors Don't Go

  • The Indescribable Wow Album (11/1/1988)
    I Don't Want To Fall In Love
    I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
    What Do I Do
    I Can't Stop Crying
    Holding On To The Earth
    She Can't Tell Time
    What You Don't Want to Hear
    Out of Time

  • The Turning Album (4/1/1987)

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