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Dean Martin Sam's Song Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2011 12:00:00 PM

(feat. Sammy Davis Jr.)

[DM] Here's a happy tune [SD] A happy tune
[DM] You'll love to croon [SD] You love to croon
[DM] They call it Dean's song [SD] Hey, you don't seem to understand
[DM] Catchy as can be [SD] I must agree
[DM] The melody [SD] The melody
[DM] They call it Dean's song [SD] Looks like I'm gonna have to explain this thing

[SD] You don't dig this scene
[SD] I'm saying, Dean, the song is Sam's song
[DM] Sam, you're just a ham [SD] But Dean here's the scam
[SD] The song was named after Sam
[DM] Sam who?
[SD] Sam Houston
[DM] Oh

[DM] May I say with pride where I reside
[DM] They call it Dean's song [SD] And that's quite a group you have going for you
[DM] There's no bigger choir that you could hire for singing Dean's song
[SD] They make the Mormon Tabernacle sound like a trio
[DM] Sam it's plain to see that you're put out with me
[SD] Well I'm not just singing along
[DM] Tell you what I'll do since I'm with you ([alternative:] Tell you what I'll do, since you're a Jew...)
[DM] We'll call it Clyde's song [SD] Clyde's song?

[DM] Here's a happy tune
[SD] Its a sweet melody and I'm happy to say it was named after me but he's calling it
[DM] Clyde's song
[DM] Catchy as can be
[SD] No I don't like to beef and I'm sorry to say the man is a thief 'cause he's calling it
[DM] Clyde's song

[DM] Nothing on your mind
[SD] There's a lot on my mind and I'm standing here saying you're being unkind 'cause you're calling it
[DM] Clyde's song

[SD] My Italian friend we have reached the end
[DM] We don't seem to blend
[DM] Sam, let's compromise
[SD] Oh, I hear what you say but by that do you mean that you'll do it your way and call it
[DM] Sam's song

[SD] Did he say Sam's song?
[Both] Let's give the ending a rhyme
[DM] But don't nobody tell Clyde
[Both] That the name of this song [DM] is Sam's song
[SD] It's not Irving's song
[DM] Sam's song
[SD] It's not even Mona's song
[DM] Sam's song
[SD] Only thing I know is when this record comes out it better have Sam's song on it or else you'll get a nasty letter from Calhoun and a telephone call too
[DM] Hmmm I'm thinking you're starting to get dirty down there
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