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Goapele Salvation Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2004 11:00:00 AM

I'm searchin for my salvation
oh yeah
I'm tired of dragging
on and on
on and on
day by day
days with days ?
I can feel the pain
the world is resting on my brain
I can feel the hurt of a broken child
she's going insane
I pray that she'll make it home
home (3X)
Times have changed
But we can rearrange the ills?
society has swept on my feet
some words I can't even speak
still pressin
movin forward
without a trace
lookin for a reason to go on
on (3X)
I pray to an unknown God
please reveal yourself to me
cuz hope is sifting from my hands
like lost time
I can't make believe
I won't make believe
I can't make believe
when I look into your eyes
do you know me
I'm searchin for my soul
Searchin on
Praying on
Looking on
I am searching
I am praying
I am looking
searching on
praying on
looking on
For my salvation.
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