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Azealia Banks Salute Lyrics

Last updated: 07/18/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Louie Vuitton on her hook
Wings in them
A good shoe for a bad bitch
Fuck with her
And the witch in me,
I be at lunch with her
She's a kid,money bunny
Jump with her
Bump bitches, bite my style dracula
When you move same fangs, know they can't for frankly my
Fame breaks apart, you gonna need some backing up
Super save these hoes, Cape Town,Africa
Catch me in NY, up town
The battles up
Hoonies and polo with these already decided lump
Mommy I'm no rockie already the champion
Movie you not pretty, you look like a regular
Long cutie, space cadets, astronauts
Most niggers booty all Britneys ever cause
Come and get me, etcetera,etcetera
Any challenge I bet I wet 'em up,berettas up
Salute ,Salute
What's good
Salute the bad bitch you should
Salute ,Salute
What's good
Salute the bad bitch you should

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