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Cassidy Salute Me Lyrics

Last updated: 09/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

[Nas-Chorus x2]
Now, niggas salute me, bitches salute me, the block salute me, the hood salute me, you should salute me they should salute me, so fuck who you are im the mothafucking general

yo S goes illin, swizz beats illin, what more can we say stop grillin, before you get hit up, shot up good, will murk you in in ur hood, im al pracinco, naw fa god, you'll lose ur life wether on the corner or the club im shootin dice, break my shiper, ima get at u slice you, knife you, stab you, shank you, splat ya, to many rappers are jelous, who be gasin the fellas, but you actin to never so the crack in the ghetto, went from nasty to exco, back to nasty, clappin at black heat, none of ya'll are matchin my level, im the general.

[Nas-Chorus x2]
Now, niggas salute me, bitches salute me, the block salute me, the hood salute me, you should salute me they should salute me, so fuck who you are im the mothafucking general

[Fat Joe]
Now a days im on some mack shit, but i used to be loyal to tax, cracks a nigga that a soil ur jacks, feed em with treys the size of light balls, coke so bright it shine like white gold, and the hoes they liked Joe even before this rap shit, before the pasauchy floors and the rows to match it, joes a bastard, i sell pussy for cheap, make my bitch walk the strip with no shoes on her feet, dont front for me, you kids is not ballin, if you is then why ur wiz on my dick like im jordan?, joes pausin for no man, with no plans, sick of this rap shit, why i listen to slow jams, uma grown man, the talk of the strip, niggas think im capchild the way i balls the 5th, dogg use a bitch, im hear to bring you a muzzle, say a peep and ima bring you a muzzle, get the point?, general.

[Nas-Chorus x2]

Its Cassidy awk get rocked like a boat when you go fishin, ayo listen, im the general like toes chicken, im so sickin, you can tell by the expression on my face that i'll get in that ass like pepperation H, the weapon on the waist, and i spray guns off, cuz if its beefs, im on top of it like A1 sauce, pause, who the truth? ME! who quick to shoot? ME! my 4 5th got kick like bruce lee, see ima true G, hotter then soup be, raw like susi, you gotta salute me, you do C, i'll put in a order for you, i'll let the water boil, cook a qaurter to the oil, i had it for sell, and try faggets to tell, go to jail and start signin like patty labelle, i aint goin back in the sell, you rat and you dead, fuck a vest put a bullet proof hat on ur head, when im clappin the lead i'll murda a nigga, and if he say not the feds im servin a nigga, im thirsty for this change playin games aint a issue you now, a bitch a give you aids now a days if she kiss you now, i got that coke and that haze on my grissle now, we goin to war you gonna need more then a pistol now, they throwin missles round, you still tryna get a 9? its the last days end of time, terriost jackin planes, sendin bombs threw the pentagon, they off the hook like intercoms, we just had a bad winter time, so you know they gonna start to rob and still for a mill when its dinner time, you still spendin time focusin on dumb shit, on the block smokin but you broken on some bum shit, wut the hell, you mise well put a suit and tie on, jump in a casket and get ur die on

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sign me | Reviewer: victor cagle | 9/11/2007's a lil sumthin' sumthin' back in the game, ur wack and ur lame, i spit hot shit and send the track up in flames, i spit rhymes like im attackin ya brain, i put these cats in a daze'll have me laughing for days, and the only time u see bricks is at a basketball game, but watch out for the travelin' lane, cuz u could get tripped up n blasted away, and if u catch me at a faggot's parade, ill be in the back blastin' the K, cuz i got the heata on me like the devils advocate at play, n i get neck so long like a giraffe gave me brain, and u being hotter is like cooking crack with no 'caine...ok, im so hot, dont mean to be a showoff, but i cant help if i see more diamonds then a sho'tstop, and suckin' dick aint the only type of blowjob, and bet ye'aint kno that i am strapped like the coastguard, and ahead of the game? yes im so far, and im the main attraction while u the co-star, clean so clean im spittin' soapbars.

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