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Fiona Apple Sally's Song Lyrics

Last updated: 01/16/2013 10:01:36 AM

I sense there's something in the wind
That seems like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be

What will become of my dear friend
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may, it doesn't last

And will we ever end up together?
No, I think not, it's never to become
For I am not the one

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Exactly.. | Reviewer: Nafisa Nazeer | 1/16/13

There is this boy at my school. He is so dynamic in such a righteous way, and I love that about him. I am nothing like him, so it is likely that I couldn't be for him because he will probably never know about how I feel for him and how much he means to me. This song is beautiful. It is also by Amy Lee (singer from Evanescence), and she is beautiful, too. I think about him, Harrison, whenever I hear this song. Thank you so much.

Dark and Peaceful | Reviewer: Vanessa | 1/17/08

I love this song on the movie, and the movie its self. When I heard her sing this song I loved how she made it sound so full of... dread and want. The music in the background is just amazing and I love this song. It's dark and peaceful all at the same time.

Zacahry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

This is a very good song... i listen to it on my MP3 all the time.... I love it!

Amazing | Reviewer: gabby | 8/14/07

such an awsomely great song, from one of the best movies ever. Love to sing it all the time. The lyrics and meaning to the song are so moving.