Saliva Lyrics

Josey Scott - Lead Singer
Chris Dabaldo - Guitar
Wayne Swinny - Guitar
Paul Crosby - Drums
Dave Novotny - Bass

Memphis. It's a place where music isn't just played; it's
created. From that legacy comes Saliva. On the quintet's
12-song Island debut, Every Six Seconds, Saliva bring the
sturm und drang of hard rock together with hip-hop, grunge
and sheer, unbridled mayhem, while still preserving the
spirit and soulful intensity of its forebears. Every Six
Seconds, the name chosen by frontman Josey Scott because
"life cycles seem to happen More...

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Review about Saliva songs
IDK | Reviewer: Ray Angel Harris
    ------ About the song Famous Monsters performed by Saliva

I think he is talking about himself.
The other half inside of him or let say his partner in crime.
Too much wanting to be something that your not.. it will make you something but eventually realizing that this is not for you.
Totally a waste of time. Yeah! this is why the song is called famous monster.

You guys are always think crazy and negative. Every negative does not mean you add to it.
Make positive out of bad. Jesus like.

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one if the Greatest songs. | Reviewer: broken
    ------ About the song Rest In Pieces performed by Saliva

the chorus is my prayer to God... My whole lfe is a trip with 1/2 heart ache 3/8 physical pain. My dad beats me up almost every other night till he past away when I was 11. Mom's traumatised and favours my 2 sisters. Always bullied in school because I was small. Depressed and gained fat. worked odd jobs for 8 yrs. got a steady job then forced to marry this girl because I got her pregnant n felt sorry for her because her family was poor. got in to and accident on the way to work dislocated my left hip and loss the use of my left foot. got fired. now my wife's making 3000 a month saying she is having trouble supporting me and my 2 daughters. because she's too busy supporting her mom. not like brother's dead. couldn't find a job coz of my leg. and i didn't go to any fancy uni or college. people called me names when i was a kid. so i think i dun had enough.

Sucks to be me | Reviewer: Broken Fellow
    ------ About the song Rest In Pieces performed by Saliva

I have been listening to this song for forever and each time I hear it, it still brings back all the memories of lost love and regrets that I have. And here I am again listening to this song because of another bad decision in my relationship and am suffering for it. How I wish I could just say to let me rest in pieces so I would not hurt anymore.

Great song, by the way.

Good song | Reviewer: Diego
    ------ About the song Rest In Pieces performed by Saliva

This song reminds me of my ex-wife she left me which is not the issue but that she speaks ill of me through my kids and they constantly ask me if I am a good person or am I like a real dad all I can tell them is that is for them to decide and then I embrace and kiss them.You never know who you were with till you have a break up of any kind then the truth comes out or you don't realize what you lost. I wish she would just let me rest in pieces this song is perfect!

Why...? | Reviewer: Hawk
    ------ About the song Always performed by Saliva

It's an interesting thing to read these very personal reviews... Two questions appear with that: Why do people do this? And the 2nd. Why do people do this?
Concerning the first: I just cannot understand how selfish or shallow a person has to be, to use or reject someone who would give his very existence for them, who proved his constancy and devoted almost every of his action to the good of the one he loves.
But it's never enough... No matter what you do, after some time even a perfect partner would become "boring" and routine would devour all devotion, care, lust and happiness. And no one is perfect, so to this effect summate all mistakes a person makes until one part says goodbye.
Especilly in times of social-network-bullshit it's so damn easy to find someone new or restart old contacts. You're never alone, countless chances to have exciting adventures and if it expires - next! Come whatevery may, there's always entertainment or anesthetic to supress bad feelings; Brave new World! Everyone is everybodys property... Bad luck for those who try to be something more.
Now the second Question: Why do people even care about someone who is not giving their kind of feelings back? This is an emotional and pathetic waste of time. Not long ago I'd have slapped someone telling me such a story. Now I'd have to hit myself, and I still don't get it... All reasons I might find are in conflict with an -as much as possible- rational few on the world, so it is just emotional stupidity and irrational hope (stupidety as well), that causes devotion to such a consuming and hurting "relationship". There's no chance of chaning someone who loves the excitement of a flat and hedonistic life; it is easy to gain because our world is maddening full of it.
But even this pain will fade, because no horror survives death. Until this day, try to be better than the rest, live for more than your lust!

By the way: Great song...

Sry for the imperfect english.

Gone | Reviewer: M
    ------ About the song Always performed by Saliva

I've had my heart broken 16 times... all by the same girl. Every time she would do something horrible, I couldn't let go. I would always take her back. I loved her and hated her. Every time, I would try to forget her, but i couldn't imagine my life without her. Then, only two weeks ago, I stopped seeing her around. She never called me. I had no idea what was going on. Then, her best friend gave me a note. It said, and I quote, "I've fallen out of love with you. I'm done. I wish i could've told you this in person, but I've left. You'll never see me again. I'm sorry." I was devistated. I still have her picture on my wall. I still love her. Everyone says that I need to move on. The other day my best friend sent me this song. I've listened to it about a million times. It symbolises exactally how I feel. Now and when we were together. I have a new girlfriend now. I needed to realise that Lisa's gone forever. I may always love her, but it is time for me to suck it up and try to move on.

Always...One of These Days... | Reviewer: Lorileii
    ------ About the song Always performed by Saliva

I've started with Saliva's song Always, and have moved on to Foo Fighters These Days. The man in my life - I love him, I hate him, I can't live without him. But in spite of his words of love his lies and betrayal will come back to him one of these days. He's never had his heart broken, pride stolen, but it's coming. I don't think I'll be around to help pick up the pieces. Some pain just cuts too deep. And yet I want back what we were to begin with. Yup, love hurts.

The One | Reviewer: WT_4life
    ------ About the song Always performed by Saliva

This song reminds me of the one I truly want to be with. She's my best friend and I feel like I can tell her anything and she won't look at me any different. I want to be with her, but Idk how to tell her. I'm afraid she won't feel the same.

bad things happen for a reason | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Always performed by Saliva

I am in love with this girl have been for four years. shes my best friend and is slowly coming around but she always acts in a manor that says "I love you only because there are no better offers" shes always with other guys and i tell her how it kills me inside when i see that and she says how its not her problem. she has been with almost every guy she knows except me so it only a matter of time or at least thats what i say to convince myself to put the gun down anyway this song is perfect because of how its the cant live with 'em cant live without 'em just how i feel

Bound | Reviewer: Haruka
    ------ About the song Always performed by Saliva

Whenever I hear this song, it makes me think a little of the old movie, "Of Human Bondage". Where at least one person is completely bound to the other without their affections being returned. If anything, I think that this song acts as a warning against those kind of relationships. It's always sad to see when one person has that kind of extreme power over another only to misuse and abuse it and torment the other person. It can lead to acts of extreme desperation on the end of the tormented person sometimes (and in the case of this song) cause that person to kill the one they love so. Be it from jealousy, anguish, accident, or anyother horrible thing that can go wrong in a relationship.

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