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Salem Biography

Last updated: 02/26/2012 11:00:00 AM

The members of Salem are all too familiar with the grassroots upbringing of the indie rock community. Being involved with influential bands in the small Gainesville, FL punk and hardcore scene has aided in the gathering of these five musical powerhouses to form one of the most original sounding bands today. Gainesville has been the springboard to launch many bands into the limelight and Salem is following on the same path.

With influences ranging from U2 to The Cure, it's easy to see why Salem has garnered such attention from industry bigwigs and music aficionados alike. While still being unsigned they found themselves on national tours with bands New Found Glory, Finch, Further Seems Forever, and the widely renowned Warped Tour.

This young band's sound is one likened to an old soul. Adam D'Zurilla's boisterous voice is reminiscent of great power ballads from the 80's. His powerful vocal melodies complement the driving guitar sounds of Jeremy Robertson and Joseph Simmons, Tom Rankine's fist pumping bass lines and David Miller's spellbinding drumbeats.

Salem's debut EP, "Love It Or Leave Me", is a journey through the shape of rock to come. With driving songs like "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Cancel the Sun", Salem is sure to find its way into the hearts and homes of people across the world.