Saint Vitus Albums

  • Die Healing Album (9/27/1995)
    Dark World
    One Mind
    Let The End Begin
    Trail Of Pestilence
    Return Of The Zombie
    In The Asylum
    Just Another Notch

  • Saint Vitus Album (9/27/1994)
    Saint Vitus
    White Magic / Black Magic
    Zombie Hunger
    The Psychopath
    Burial At Sea

  • C.O.D. Album (9/27/1992)
    Children Of Doom
    Planet Of Judgment
    Shadow Of A Skeleton
    (I Am) The Screaming Banshee
    Plague Of Man
    Imagination Man
    Get Away
    A Timeless Tale
    Hallow's Victim (Exhumed)

  • V Album (9/27/1989)
    Living Backwards
    I Bleed Black
    When Emotion Dies
    Patra (Petra)
    Ice Monkey
    Jack Frost
    Angry Man
    Mind Food

  • Mournful Cries Album (9/27/1988)
  • Thirsty And Miserable Album (9/27/1987)
  • Born Too Late Album (9/27/1986)

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