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St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway
Up on the boulevard like a zip gun on parade
Lights on the silhouette
He's insubordinate Coming at you on the count of One, Two

One, Two, Three, Four!

My name is Jimmy and you better not wear it out
Suicide commando that your momma talked about
King of the forty theives
and i'm here to represent
The needle in the vein of the establishment

I'm the patron saint of denial
With an angel face and a taste for suicidal

Cigarettes and ramen and a little bag of dope
I am the son of a bitch and edger allen poe
Raised in the city in the halo of lights
The product of war and fear that we've been victimized

I'm the patron saint of denial
With an angel face and a taste for suicidal


I'll give you something to cry about.


My name is St. Jimmy I'm a son of a gun
I'm the one that's from the way outside ( St. Jimmy )
I'm a teenage assassin excecuting some fun
In the cult of the life of crime. ( St. Jimmy )

I really hate to say it but I told you so
So shut your mouth before I shoot you down old boy ( St. Jimmy )
Welcome to the club and give me some blood
I'm the resident leader at the lost and found ( St. Jimmy )

It's comedy and tragedy
It's St. Jimmy
And that's my name...and don't wear it out!

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Actually Saint Jimmy Is An A.K.A... | Reviewer: Katatonia | 7/26/11

I Think That Saint Jimmy Is An Alter Ego Created By "Jesus Of Suburbia", After Leaving His Town Consumed By Rage (American Idiot Is Like A Conceptual Album). It's A Great Song For Those Who Feel The Same Way, Pissed Off By The Media And Stereotypes. = )

Spell-Correcter!!! | Reviewer: ashley | 2/1/11

Uh yeah, sorry for being such a grammar and spelling person, but i'm very particular about it. When you wrote 'Edger Allen Poe', it's Actually 'Edgar', not 'Edger', and that really bothered me because he's my favourite poet.

But! other than that I'm like in love with St.Jimmy, he's like, amazing~ see ya!

St Jimmy | Reviewer: Rage&Lovex | 7/13/08

Out of all the American Idiot characters Jimmy's gotta be the best, a rebellious teenage assassin, does it get any better ?! The whole concept of Saint Jimmy, The Jesus Of Suburbia and Whatsername is very imaginitive and it's great how their stories are followed through the whole album, even if their ends aren't all happy (Jimmy killing himself, JOS ending up working in an office & Whatsername leaving JOS & possibly married to "Whatshisface".)

saint jimmy | Reviewer: Nicholas | 8/5/07

hi saint jimmy your music is perfect...your music is very good . bye see you.

st. jimms | Reviewer: ...ish | 4/30/07

saint jimmy is a kid that is a smart ass pissed off at the world. and there is a little bit of him in all of us. he is like the 'devil' side to JOS and being the one that leads JOS down the path of wrong...and what not. but the song to me is so awsome just becuase some kids may want to be like St. Jimmy or something.

Saints | Reviewer: Saint Matthew | 3/19/05

This song is about a boy named Jimmy. It seems that can sum it up, but it can't. This is the life that every 14-19 year old wants. To say exactly the right thing, not too emotional, but not too harsh either. Everyone wants to be Saint Jimmy, carry a gun, some dope, and wear black and be silent to everyone except when you need to say something extremly useful and makes perfect sense. That's the person I see Saint Jimmy as. Wear a black hoodie, black pants, a little headband, black hair, and be silent. Saint of the People indeed.

POTENT | Reviewer: God | 10/15/04

this song is so fucking cool, admit it, it's punk rock how it's supposed to be played dammit, fast and hard, damn straight... umm bye

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