Saigon Albums

  • The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses Album (11/6/2012)
    Plant the Seed (What U Paid For)
    Rap vs. Real
    Let Me Run
    Not Like Them
    Brownsville Girl
    The Game Changer
    Blown Away
    When Will U Love Me
    The Vowel Song
    Best Thing That I Found
    Yeah Yeah
    Forever Dreamin'
    Intervention (Let It Go)
    Our Babies 2 (Crazy World)
    Keep Pushing
    Blown Away Pt. 2
    Rap vs. Real Homegrown

  • Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave Album (1/24/2012)
    BBB (Real Niggas Never Die)
    I Am 4 Real
    Yeah Yeah
    Bring Me Down Pt.3
    Say Yes
    Come Again 2012
    Women Are The New Dogs
    When Did U Get Hot
    Moscato Flow Skit
    Cutdabullshit, Cutdabullshit
    Another Man Down
    WFKR Talk Radio Skit
    War And Chaos
    Where To Find Me
    Learning As We Go Along
    Mr. Cool (That Ain't Cool)

  • The Greatest Story Never Told Album (2/15/2011)
    Station Identification (Intro)
    The Invitation
    Come On Baby (Remix)
    War (Instrumental)
    Bring Me Down (Part 2)
    The Greatest Story Never Told
    It's Alright
    Believe It
    Give It To Me
    What The Lovers Do
    Better Way
    Oh Yeah (Our Babies)
    And The Winner Is...
    Too Long
    Bonus Tracks
    It's Cold
    Down The Road
    I Want It All
    On My Way
    Bring Me Down (Part 1)

  • All In A Day's Work Album (2/1/2008)
    So Cruel
    The Rules
    Lose Her

  • Warning Shots Album (2/1/2004)

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