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Smashing Pumpkins Said Sadly Lyrics

Last updated: 08/26/2014 06:23:26 PM

JI: You should know that I love you
We should love like lovers do
And I can't help but fall for you
Ah honey I'm just a fool
Now you know

NG: Darling, I'll never be true
You see, for so long I was blue
JI: (I'm not the only one)
NG: And if I hurt, then you will, too
Ah honey I always lose
Now you know

J+N: Lover, when will you?
JI: I'm so afraid that no one cares
J+N: Lover, can't find you
JI: I swear to God don't leave me here
J+N: Now you know

J+N: Oh, you know that it can't be
When no one else here really means
JI: (Anything to me)
J+N: If you hurt inside
If you confide in me again

NG: Since you ran away
JI: Hold me now, tell me how
Love is ours

J+N: Lover, when will you?
I'm so afraid that no one cares
Lover, can't find you
And no one knows what brings us here
JI: Hold me now
NG: Hold me now
JI: Tell me how
J+N: Love is ours

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So sad | Reviewer: leif | 8/26/14

I've been listening to the smashing pumpkins fir a long time, but i never heard this song. My girlfriend showed me this song and it has become one to describe our relationship. She is leaving to Virginia. So damn sad! I love it and hate it so much.

Noope :) | Reviewer: Morrisson | 8/8/07

Its actually James Iha , and Nina Gordon from Veruca Salt.

Rochelle | Reviewer: Rochelle | 6/20/07

This is such a pretty song and i love smashing pumpkins version of 'dancing in the moonlight'

Good Song XD | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/6/07

Yea this is a good song .. Smashing pumpkins are awesome XD
but does anyone know if its billy corgan and courntey love singing this? Cos i really dont know lol ...