Sage Francis Albums

  • Copper Gone Album (6/3/2014)
    Pressure Cooker
    ID Thieves
    Cheat Code
    Dead Man's Float
    Over Under
    Make Em Purr
    Vonnegut Busy
    Thank You
    The Set Up
    The Place She Feared Most
    Once Upon A Blood Moon
    Say Uncle
    Maint Reqd

  • Li(f)e Album (5/11/2010)
    Little Houdini
    Three Sheets To The Wind
    I Was Zero
    Slow Man
    Diamonds And Pearls
    The Baby Stays
    16 Years
    Worry Not
    London Bridge
    Love The Lie
    The Best Of Times

  • Sick Of Wasting Album (6/16/2009)
    Strange Fame
    S.A.G.E. Bastard
    I Trusted You
    House of Bees (featuring B. Dolan)
    Jaw of Steel
    If I Go To Hell '97
    Conspiracy to Riot
    Be a Star
    Sea Legs
    Flashback '96
    Masturbate Your Brain '97
    SFR Pays Dues (featuring Prolyphic and B. Dolan)
    Revenge of the Ogre
    Who Farted? pt. 1

  • Human The Death Dance Album (5/8/2007)
    Growing Pains Intro
    Underground For Dummies
    Civil Obedience
    Good Fashion
    Got Up This Morning
    Black Out On White Night
    Clickety Clack
    Midgets And Giants
    High Step
    Keep Moving
    Water Line
    Hell Of A Year
    Call Me Francois
    Hoofprints In The Sand
    Going Back To Rehab

  • A Healthy Distrust Album (2/8/2005)
  • Sickly Business Album (3/1/2004)
  • Personal Journals Album (4/16/2002)
  • Sick Of Waging War... Album (11/30/2001)
  • Sick Of Waiting Tables Album (8/22/2001)
  • Still Sick...Urine Trouble Album (9/27/2000)

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