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Introduction by Nicholas Reville

Sage Francis is a rapper out of Providence, RI and half of Non-Prophets (the other half is DJ Joe Beats). Sage made a reputation for himself by consistently winning poetry slams and freestyling competitions, and has built something of a cult following. His style is always personal and often highly political, but refreshingly free of preachiness. With his new Fuck Clear Channel Tour, Sage is pushing music industry politics to the forefront.

Now when someone announces a "Fuck Clear Channel Tour", you know Downhill Battle is going to have to do an interview. Clear Channel is notorious for what they've done to radio-- consolidation and homogenization are the operative words here. They've been investigated for anti-trust violations while continuing to gobble up as many stations as they can legally own. It's gotten to the point that people in the record industry say you can't make a hit without convincing Clear Channel to add a song to their playlist-- just one more way that the corporate music machine narrows and limits access to creative music.

The slightly lesser known side of Clear Channel nastiness is their attempt to monopolize local music venues in dozens of cities. They've been driving local clubs out of business with overwhelming corporate dollars and no shortage of dirty tricks. Needless to say, the Fuck Clear Channel Tour will not be playing any Clear Channel clubs.

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gota be one of the best rappers | Reviewer: tom | 3/13/10

i got introduced to sage by a friend about 3 years ago and is the main music a listen to sage is one smart guy and hes got such a smooth flow and his music has helped me get my head out of some pretty dark moods but on the same hand has upset me when ive been feelin low but all in all absolutly fuckin amazing hope he keeps up the outstanding work 1000 stars much love peace out see ya around like a donut

A Hug with no Hands | Reviewer: SteezeXL | 1/16/09

Just watched Pride and Glory and heard Water Line in the credits. Went to google to find out the song name and got the info. This guys is refreshingly lyrical going out CD shopping tomorrow. His presence voice and lyrics are a must hear.

Its all Love, SteezeXL

Sage kills | Reviewer: Dustin | 6/12/07

If there was a way to inject sage into my bloodstream, I would do it in a heart beat.

One Of The Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/06

Not only can he rap, but he is smart as fuck. Listening to his ideas about politics and modern society makes people really think. Yeah, 500 stars.

Amazing | Reviewer: Ellis | 6/2/06

Great flow, amazing lyrics. One of the most important emcees around at the moment in my opinion. He's not afraid to say what he thinks, and does it in an intelligent way......much more refreshing than all the "ice-rap" out there.
Check out Aesop rock, Ras kass, J-live and Daniel Dumile too.

sage francis is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/06

agony in her body and escapes artist are some of my favorites but lyrically he's insane 500 stars

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