Sade Lyrics

Helen Folsade Adu
BORN: January 16, 1959, ADO-EKITI, Nigeria

Lovers Rock is the first collection of new work by Sade in
eight years. But it's a record that says less about those
years gone by than the promise and vitality of the here and
now. It's an album that's by turns moving, elegiac and
beautiful. Like the tender, acoustic guitar-driven first
single, 'By Your Side', a song about the tensile strength
of love, it is music stripped back to its essential
elements: voice, melody, and meticulously arranged
instrumentation. The result More...

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Review about Sade songs
My inspirational song. | Reviewer: Christina
    ------ About the song It's Only Love That Gets You Through performed by Sade

This song sums up my life, what I've been through and am still going through, but it brings me hope that one day I will find the courage to get up and walk away from the hurt and pain I'm going through in my marriage.

ABOLISH CHILD SLAVERY | Reviewer: Ethan Hunt
    ------ About the song Slave Song performed by Sade

Sade brings to your attention child slavery practiced widely in third world countries as well as the USA. The words speak of unthinkable cruelty and sadness. Nothing marvelous about enslavement of orphaned children 5-10 years who are routinely beaten, tortured, blinded, sold for sex, made to do hard labor, and etc. and who are totally alone punished for reasons they cannot understand. Their lives so hopeless and stressful "Even the comfort of a stone would be a gain." It's difficult for the mainstream who had wonderful childhoods to believe it occurs. I does though on a huge scale. Ending child slavery is Sade's cause. It should be yours too. So the next time you buy some clothes at Walmart's or Target look at the label and ask yourself how it came to be. Then remember "Wisdom is the flame; wisdom is the brave warrior who will carry us into the Sun."

how i would feel if i was a slave | Reviewer: mariah hughes
    ------ About the song Slave Song performed by Sade

i'm a slave i'm a slave set me free i hate being a slave it stinks being a slave we have to sit in pee dill with trow up it stinks having to leave my family i want a new life i don't like being auctioned off i can't live without my family.

The song of my Love | Reviewer: Zebulun JOHV allias Lucky-CHILD
    ------ About the song By Your Side performed by Sade

The first time heard the sog was in my girlfriend's comp ad for the first tile i did not find out what was so interesting about the song but as time goes by, finally i just discovered it says all that i should have been saying to her ad now it has become the only comforeter when i am missing my Girlfirnd bad and i am just so proud of SADE :)

I Still Listen... | Reviewer: Eufrazina
    ------ About the song The Sweetest Taboo performed by Sade

I still listen to ''No Ordinary Love'', ''Smooth Operator''; I also love ''Every Word'' and ''Sweetest Taboo'', of course; there is magic in these songs, in particular. I think they are really soulful. Additionally, I think you are a down-to-earth person and you keep your vibe; which is very uncommon these days. Cheers.

Sade:Mi Calle | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song CLEAN HEART performed by Sade

Well here goes,I believe Sade as artista has range of ideas vocal ability to affect any topic lyrically. Sahe pushed the envelope to let the people interpret,ponder,discuss the song:forever. We will go to lord in pray for an answer but the reality she is a timeless gift from God. I would be thrilled to take a class 101,201,301,401 to be,enjoy,celebrate her vision.
Thanks for the opportunity open the dislogue.

for my love Jim | Reviewer: han
    ------ About the song NO ORDINARY LOVE performed by Sade

my first time to hear the song...really Love fill the air!!! Sade's so sweet and sung it like an angel....I will definitely sing this as sweet as Sade for my one and only love my future Jimmie!!!!

truth | Reviewer: sabrina
    ------ About the song LOVE IS STRONGER THAN PRIDE performed by Sade

A good song is one that comes from experience. And with that comes truth. Love is stronger than anything in this world. Even pride. And nothing we can experience affects us like love. That is what makes this song so simple and amazing at the same time. It is the God given truth.

Love you so much | Reviewer: Grant
    ------ About the song KISS OF LIFE performed by Sade

Sade has only love to say and she is love. All love, the most lovely woman there could possibly be. Sade is love itself. I love her so much. She is love to me, and her music is love for everyone. She is lovely and makes love itself lovely.

This song made me cry | Reviewer: Vieng
    ------ About the song By Your Side performed by Sade

So lonely today, but when i listen this song i feel warm suddenly my tear come out. i repeat and repaet can't stop listening, thanks for making a bueatiful song...I this song so much,,,,<3

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