Sadaharu Albums

  • Punishment In Hi-Fi Album (4/6/2004)
    No One Should Have to Live Like This
    This Modern Day Disaster
    Jazz Song in the Key of Hate
    It's Not Every Day You Sell Your Own Soul
    The Road to Hell is Paved, so Why Not Drive In Style?
    Punishment In Hi-Fi

  • Anthem For New Sonic Warfare Album (8/5/2003)
    Memoirs Of My Time In Purgatory
    It's Not Paranoia If They're Shooting Live Bullets
    Anthem For New Sonic Warfare
    Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
    Collecting Other People's Enemies
    Pompeii As A Metaphor
    Cannibalism: Nature Or Nurture?
    The Delicate Sound Of An Explosion
    Punishment In Hi-Fi
    Better Living Through Self-Immolation

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