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Sacrilege Biography

Last updated: 04/29/2004 10:32:45 PM

Sacrilege was formed in -93 by Daniel Svensson-vocals, drums and Daniel Dinsdale-guitar.

After having sacked and replaced some members the band ended up recording their first demo "To Where Light Can´t Reach" in early -95. Shortly after, the band entered Studio Fredman to record their second and last demo called "...and Autumn Failed". It was highly appreciated by many, especially by Black Sun who got interested in the so far unknown band.

As Sacrilege reached the semi-final as the first death metalband ever in the Gothenburg rock competition "ROCKSLAGET" Black Sun decided to sign the band. In the summer of -96 they recorded their fullength debut "Lost In The Beauty You Slay" in Studio Fredman. The album was released in October the same year. "Lost in the beauty you slay" gained Sacrilege loads of fans around the world with their great songs and beautiful melodies mixed with sheer brutality. An extra touch was added by Daniel Svenssons extremely dark and high vocal style.

A year later Sacrilege had grown both as songwriters and musicians and in July -97 they recorded their second album "The Fifth Season", a far more technichal, heavy, brutal, faster and better album. Once again Sacrilege received great reviews all over the world! In January Sacrilege went on a German tour together with The Crown. On this tour Tomas of At the Gates did the vocals for Sacrilege as Daniel Svensson had some difficulties with both singing and playing the drums at the same time.. Shortly after the tour Daniel Svensson helped In Flames' songwriter/guitarplayer Jesper Strömblad by doing the vocals for a song Jesper recorded with his project Dimension Zero. This contact led to Svensson being offered to play the drums for In Flames! Svensson accepted. This of course was a great setback for Sacrilege since they now had to find both a new guitar player and a singer. After more than year of searching the band decided to quit! So this was the end of one of the greatest melodic death bands ever...