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Trik Turner Sacred Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2012 11:00:00 AM

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How do I keep myself
From slipping between the cracks
Seems the older I get the more I regret
Things I have done
The choices I've made have hardened my soul
I feel disconnected
I'm caught in a parallel worlds
Where everyone is fake
The words you say
The innocence you portray-isn't convincing
Everyone has a dependency
Beneath their sincerity

All you believe
All you adore
Nothing is what it seems
Nothing is pure

What do you worship
Who do you idolize
Why do you wish to be
Wearing someone else's skin
If you could really see
The person they are within
What you thought was so special
Is filled with sin
Don't get comfortable with your surroundings
Nothing lasts forever
No one's ever satisfied

All you believe
All you adore
Nothing is what it seems
Nothing is pure [x2]

To you crooked doctors
And crooked priests
Crooked lawyers
And Crooked police
Until you've become a victim or you stand accused
And they take away your rights
Leaving someone else to choose
Your type of punishment
The price you have to pay it's
All for money
All that you believe
All taht you adore
Nothing, nothing's sacred

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