Sacred Reich Lyrics

Phil Rind - (Vocals and Bass)
Wiley Arnett - (Lead Guitar)
Jason Rainey - (Rhythm Guitar)
Greg Hall - (Drums)

There is nothing quite as genuine as a live album, it
captures musicians in their best atmosphere, on stage
releasing all the energy in them and feeding it to their
rabid audience in a frenzy of guitar riffs and pounding
drum beats. Of course a live album wouldn't be good if the
band recording it couldn't truly give 150% live.

Luckily for us at Metal Blade Records Sacred Reich is a
band that was born on the stage and lives More...

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Submit Sacred Reich New Lyrics

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open youe ears and listing | Reviewer: John Metalhead
    ------ About the song Who's To Blame performed by Sacred Reich

this is a song that says a lot about how parent of the 80's and even now think of metal just because of someone kills themslefs dont blamb it on the music it coule have been culture club and no one would have said anthing cause it was the parents fault but when the kid listing to Ozzy and Judas Priest its the music that he listing to that caused him to take his own life why dont you open your ears and listing

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