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The Rolling Stones Stray Cat Blues Lyrics

Last updated: 12/22/2012 02:31:07 PM

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

I hear the click-clack of your feet on the stairs
I know you're no scare-eyed honey.
There'll be a feast if you just come upstairs
But it's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime

I can see that you're fifteen years old
No I don't want your I.D.
I can see you're so far from home
But it's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime

Oh yeah, you're a strange stray cat
Oh yeah, don'tcha scratch like that
Oh yeah, you're a strange stray cat
Bet your mama don't know you scream like that
I bet your mother don't know you can spit like that.

You look so weird and you're so far from home
But you don't really miss your mother
Don't look so scared I'm no mad-brained bear
But it's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime
Oh, yeah

I bet your mama don't know that you scatch like that
I bet she don't know you can bite like that.

You say you got a friend, that she's wilder than you
Why don't you bring her upstairs
If she's so wild then she can join in too
It's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime

Oh yeah, you're a strange stray cat
Oh yeah, don'tcha scratch like that
Oh yeah, you're a strange stray cat
I bet your mama don't know you can bite like that
I'll bet she never saw you scratch my back

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Idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/12

All you ignorant lick arses saying how the stones weren't child molesters and that it's "just a song", have you forgotten about wyman dating a 13 year old, and starting a sexual relationship with her aged 14? Open you're eyes, it's rock n roll.

It's a Song | Reviewer: Merry G | 6/12/12

I was a wild, 15 year old hippie chick back in the day who would have NEVER dated a guy my age! I loved this song and I lived it.
Calling Mick a child molester is just plain ignorance. It's a SONG! There were dozens and dozens of young girls lusting after the Stones back in those days. I'd have jumped Keith's bones in a heartbeat! Hell I STILL would!
This is a straight forward story of a guy who gets laid by a teenager who knows exactly what she wants. People who look for secret meanings will always find them even if they have to make them up...THE GREATEST ROCK N ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD!!

RE | Reviewer: Capital | 12/20/11

Once upon a time back in the 60's there was an "exodus" of teens. They left home in droves, many of them runaways leaving behind disfunctional family lives of sexual abuse, drunkenness, physical abuse, etc. Many of them fell into the ranks of the "hippies", and there were many adults quite willing to exploit them by whatever means possible. This song is about a 15 year old runaway who falls into the clutches of a man quite willing to provide the "feast upstairs" if she will provide the sex. The part about the no capitol crime-no hanging matter probably refers to lax laws at that time regarding statutory rape.

Underrated Song | Reviewer: Otto Matek | 10/31/11

While I consider myself a big stones fan I must admit that the Soundgarden cover is better. The musicianship is better and crisper and Chris Cornell hits the notes better than Mick and with more emotion.

Still it's a shame they never play this song on classic rock radio; they just keep rotating a set of 20 Stones classics over and over ad nauseum...thank God I don't listen to the radio anymore.

It's ONLY rock and roll but I really like it... | Reviewer: Alfonso T. Watt | 9/2/11

Letcherous yes but still this is a catchy intelligent song from a great record album (Beggars Banquet). It is gonna be a feast if you JUST come upstairs...give the whole record a listen and you'll have a better idea of the what the 1960s seething underbelly personified. It's a brilliantly written and composed tale.

Jagger/Richards - cleverest lyricists ever | Reviewer: Steve Lewins | 5/23/11

This is just another of their lyrics that rockers and rap-asses are trying to emulate.Everyone's trying to be so BAD and not appearing anything other than Contrived. All the Stones lyrics are natural and CLEVER. Who else could have a No.1 on both sides of the "pond" with a song about 18th/19thC Americans fucking their slaves?(Brown Sugar)BTW Jagger was 26 when he wrote "Stray Cat".

Sod-off crybabies | Reviewer: Preston SIms | 7/19/10

Crybaby low-lifes are always trying to put down the rich and famous. It's a song, for the love of Pete. When you loser wanna-be's go triple platinum and sell out Wembley Stadium and bag Bianca and Jerry Hall, you can wirte a review saying Mick's a child molester, etc. Until then, sod off cry-babies and try to accomplich something in your own pathetic lives.

GIggidy-giggidy | Reviewer: R Kelley | 1/12/10

At least there is a theme song for all the Quagmires our there to play while they molest---er, statutory rape, young girls. But, let's be honest, we've all thought about it. Jagger just wrote a song that, he being the big-shot rock star he is, might just be based on real-life experience, and probably more than once. Like he says, "No, I don't want no ID......"

Jagger as Chester The Molester | Reviewer: Criminy | 10/22/07

You always suspected Jagger was a child molester, didn't you? "Honest, your honor, its play acting, mere dramatics, I'd never do such a thing, honest, your honor!"
Nevertheless, I'm still locking up my daughters when that horny old lech comes to town.