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What's in a name, you ask? The stealth aircraft called
SR-71, capable of flying to the edge of outer space at Mach
3.2+ is the fastest plane ever built. SR-71 is also the
name of Baltimore's premiere homegrown band, capable of
making music at once tuneful, clever and downright
headbanging. The band had the right stuff from the moment
they first formed five years ago, and they've grown more
sublime since. Now, with their self-titled RCA debut, SR-71
soars even higher with an album of stratospheric style and

"There's More...

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Reviews about SR-71 songs

Epic Song! | Reviewer: Gohanrox091
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by SR-71

This song is sooo awesome! I first found it watching some dbz AKA Dragonball Z tributes and i totally fell in love with this song. You pplz should watch it its called: Dbz Tribute- Good Bye


AWESOME | Reviewer: Anya
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by SR-71

I love this song!!! I especially love the youtube video titled "Usopp, Robin & Zoro - Goodbye" Awesome amv that totally fits the song!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think everyone should have this song on their ipods!!!! lol ^_^

Another AMV | Reviewer: QCormacJ
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by SR-71

Yep, also the Naruto AMV for me, first time I ever heard (and heard OF) SR-71, and now I have three albums by them. So don't knock good AMV's, they bring more people to worthwhile music and musicians than radio does ;)

Awesome | Reviewer: Ashleigh
    ------ About the song Politically Correct performed by SR-71

Brilliant, BRILLIANT song. <3 I don't see why it doesn't have mant reviews; I think it's an accurate take on today's society placed with a great beat and vocals~ ^^ GO SR-71!

the shiznit | Reviewer: Tanner
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by SR-71

this is fucking awsome song not because of some shitty amv but because the band is great theyve been around for years and ive followed them the whole way

All hail the gods of rock SR-71

about alive. | Reviewer: jessica
    ------ About the song Alive performed by SR-71

alive is my absolute favorite song by sr-71. it's helped me through a lot, during some pretty rough times.

The Original | Reviewer: Yusayzis
    ------ About the song My World performed by SR-71

Please note to Bo Bice fans, that this *is* Mitch Allan's song, he wrote it, and Bo covered it on his debut album. Mitch Allan even played bass/guitar and contributed backing vocals to the album.

Me too! | Reviewer: Beth-san
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by SR-71

Hmm... maybe everyone heard this song on that one Naruto amv. I heard it on the one by Majin Kenshin, and I fell in love, partly because it's a freaking awesome amv, but mostly because it's a freaking awesome song.

Great Song | Reviewer: Kai
    ------ About the song Last Man On The Moon performed by SR-71

One of the best songs from sr-71, i love it

I can barely breathe | Reviewer: sunshine91
    ------ About the song My World performed by SR-71

I could barely breathe because of that song.I listened to it while I was watching a BRIANJUSTIN VID (QAF). It was so perfect for them. Since then it's on of my all time favourites because it is different from other love songs. In a way it is romantic but not cheesy. I just can say : THIS SONG TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!! ^^

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