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Hank Williams SINGING WATERFALL Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2000 10:43:22 PM

Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr.
Written by Fred Rose and Hank Williams, Sr.

There's a [C] singin' waterfall
In the [F] mountains far a-[C] way
That's where I long to be
At the [D7] close of Ev'ry [G7] day
That's [C] where my sweetheart's sleepin'
[F] Down beneath the [C] clay
I [F] often sit and [C] wonder
Why the [G7] Lord took her a-[C] way.

We'd meet there ev'ry Ev'nin'
When the [F] Sun was sinkin' [C] low
And we'd listen to the waters
As they [D7] rippled soft and [G7] low
And [C] since she's gone to Heaven
I [F] miss her most of [C] all
To-[F] night my darlin's [C] sleepin'
By the [G7] singin' water-[C] fall.

Last night as I lay dreamin'
I heard my darlin' call
And then I went to meet her
By the singin' waterfall
She took me in her arms
Just like she used to do
And then I heard her whisper
We'll meet beyond the blue.