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The Fall SHOULDER PADS #2 Lyrics

Last updated: 08/14/2001 01:28:57 AM

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Knew I was right all along
Rock to Them, a Talking Heads album
Superhero in harlequin kecks
Dim-wit lecture, half read

Was I - victim in clown hat?
Was I - nearly toned

Then my powers did return....

Watch out!
Makers of fads

It's MES in shoulder pads

My powers none
Powers, get Batman

Said a twisted chill, flashes pan
It's MES in shoulder pads

Big fit deal for mothers of fads
It's MES in shoulder pads

You'd better
Line that bottom line
Against that different clan

Holding ankles
Rotten kecks
It's MES in shoulder pads

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