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Misfits She Lyrics

Last updated: 07/03/2013 06:49:50 PM

She walked out with empty arms
Machine gun in her hand
She is good and she is bad
No one understands

She walked in in silence
Never spoke a word
She's got a rich daddy
She's her daddy's girl

She loves naked sin
He'll have evil death
She has lost control
He ain't growing old

She will hide in silence
Then her day will come
She was virgin vixen

She is on the run
She is on the run
She is on the run

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My take on She | Reviewer: Annie | 7/4/13

"She" was recorded 3 times, in each one I hear a different thing!

1977 "Cough cool" single. Here I clearly hear "she loves naked sin, kill the evil man"

1985 "Legacy of Brutality" album. I hear "she loves snakes and sex, he 'loves' Evil Dead"

1997 "Static age" (recorded in 78'). I hear "she loves naked sins, kill the eagles there"

LOL, I wish Danzig would clarify this.

She | Reviewer: JDonovan | 11/15/12

At first I thought is was about a movie from 32' then remade by Hammer studios. But after looking at the actual lyrics, it does seem a lot more likely that its about Pattie Hurst.

lyrics debate | Reviewer: Steve138 | 10/19/11

Whether you or A.Pixie are right (I think he is right on *angry sex* and you are right on *have evil death*, but that's just IMHO. Either way it's about a young girl getting raped by her father. I have known, dated and loved wimmen who have been through this, so I feel my interpretation to be correct from the woman's experience, though not necessarily the true lyrics. Either way, it means the same, and Daddy deserves the Uzi. (or worse)

Lyrics | Reviewer: Lady-Grinning-Soul | 3/20/11

I always thought it was She loves naked sex, he loves Evil Dead, then again, it's really hard to understand. Every site I've been on has different lyrics for the chorus, haha. Anyway! Brilliant band!

patti hearst | Reviewer: grizz | 2/2/07

according to wikipedia the song is about patti hearst, which makes sense now that I think about it, although I never realized it before. Interesting little tidbit for you.

a little correction | Reviewer: absinthe pixie | 3/15/05

ah! i feel so ashamed that you could print THE WRONG LYRICS to such an amazing song. just thought i'd alert you that the absoloubtly (naughty word) brilliant chorus goes #she loves angry sex, he loves evil sin# honestly... ah well brilliant song, brilliant band, lets just hope they don't keep going on until they lose all of their brilliance, give it up already and make sure you preserve your amazing catalogue of hits!!!....:D