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The Proclaimers S-O-R-R-Y Lyrics

Last updated: 06/16/2009 12:00:00 PM


Your pose is elegant
as you demonstrate contempt
It's true

And the targets you attack
Mostly deserve a whack
From you

Yes, you're entertaining
You fill up the page
Fill it up with your rage

But now there's a doubt
Over the wisdom you hand out
In spades
Please tell us which you think
Is the country we should next help

What a bloody carnage
You cheered us into
And the others like you

You never wore a uniform
Unless it was the uniform
Of a school or youth organisation

But from watching others do
What they would never do
Holds a sad fascination

And now I'm reminded
By feelings so strong
Of Bernie Taunpin's lyric
To Sir Elton's song
Can you say the hardest word

Cos you demand apologies
Form public figures on their knees
As you invite them to say so long
SO lets hear your rendition
Of words of condition
For getting it so wrong

Would you like to say something
Would you like to say sorry
That's s-o-r-r-y