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In true 1969 fashion, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee named
their act The Rush so as to fit into the rock gentry led by
The Who, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Their home
base was in Sarnia, Ontario with original drummer John
Rutsey playing mostly cover tunes by Led Zeppelin, Iron
Butterfly and Cream. Soon they would make their way to the
lights of Toronto and set up residence at such bars as The
Gasworks, The Running Pump and the old Abbey Road Pub.

A signing to Ray Danniels' fledgling SRO Productions led to
their first, More...

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Review about Rush songs
Lyrics for the ages!!! | Reviewer: C Sense
    ------ About the song Freewill performed by Rush

Freewill. These lyrics are simply brilliant, thought provoking and inspirational. Through the ages, most humans who were never forcibly indoctrinated into specific religions, have been gratefully aware of the powerful meaning of this concept. Others were killed by zealotry...think Spanish Inquisition. Fortunately, The Information Age is allowing more people in than ever before when it comes to seeing the real 'truth'. Humanist numbers are growing...
Why wouldn't you choose Freewill??

Listening right now THE SPIRIT OF THE RADIO | Reviewer: Seppo Salo
    ------ About the song The Trees performed by Rush

First thing: Normally I don't listen very carefully about the lyrics.The music it shelf is the main thing. (I'm a drummer). So these websites are for me important to understand also what is the message of the song. Right now I'm listening Tom Sawyer, the bass and complication of Neil Peart drumming, I'm allmost crying. Thanks somebody upstairs about exist of this kind of music

Excellent | Reviewer: Henry Espinal
    ------ About the song The Necromancer performed by Rush

This kind of songs in which you find some divisions within the song definitely have to be epic and this is a conceptual song with a story behind, great atmosphere, awesome lyrics and exceptional music. In the last part they sound like "Baba O' Riley" though. 10/10

Revelate | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Vital Signs performed by Rush

Pretty sure Geddy sings (after repeating "Everybody got to elevate from the norm" 3 times) "Everybody got to REVELATE from the norm..." towards the song's ending. Am I the only one who hears this?

Is there free will | Reviewer: ANNIE LACEY
    ------ About the song Freewill performed by Rush

Did you ever fell in love at first sight? How we came to be together Ididn't have much choice over. The 30 years we lived together we did of our own free will. So, I don't have any answers. My husband came from a family of classical musicians. I would say that Rush are now certainly world class musicians.I've been listening since the late 70's.By the way,I think I'll wear my RUSH ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME T shirt to church this Sunday. Peace.

aww yeah | Reviewer: Jake Fuller
    ------ About the song Lessons performed by Rush

A classic example of rush's musical prowess; everybody is on their A-game, not just on this song, but the whole album as well. Geddy's bass fills are god-tier on this song, and the lyrics are relateable, I give this song a 5/5.

Memories from My Youth.. | Reviewer: Robin Ross
    ------ About the song Lakeside Park performed by Rush

Having grown up in Port Dalhousie;and part-time in the Peart's home; this song brings back all the memories clearly. Now if only Neal would write about the time we became shipwrecked on his parents houseboat with their seasick poodle; Louie, or skidooing winters in North Bay...

Pure poetry... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Available Light performed by Rush

The soul willing to live..that s what I can feel from this song...
And of course, I agree with both comments..
For me this is one of my "new discovered" Rush albums, though I have it bought since the tape edition (89's-90's), I can say Im enjoying and re-discovering it 2013!!
Rush is a no time band..its forever!

Precious reflexions about love... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Animate performed by Rush

This is how love songs might be written...not about:"Oh, he /she left me", or.."Oh I cant live without you, etc, etc..." but, this kind of true poetry that makes people (us) think a bit the way, this is the way I think about it, not a posesive but an encouraging relationship, as Neil states here..
So, love Rush forever!

frigging amazing | Reviewer: natalie
    ------ About the song 2112 performed by Rush

wow i really really really love rush this song was my favorite before i even knew about the little story going with it but.. well how do you pass favorite, now its super sepcial awesome!!! ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!

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