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Release Date: 03/01/1977
Tracks in A Farewell To Kings: A Farewell to Kings, Xanadu, Closer To The Heart, Cinderella Man, Madrigal, Cygnus X-1, Book One: The Voyage

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A Farewell To Disco | Reviewer: semkins | 1/7/10

I can still remember the first time I heard this album, well over 25 years ago, sitting in a buddy's apartment with black lights glowing up the wall posters and those beaded curtains hanging in the doorways. The smell of Goneish Scent #2 blended well with the other scent it was meant to be concealing (let's just say that particular scent came from Thailand). The album was a trip like none I had ever taken. The sounds of temple blocks mixed with ancient sounding stringed instruments was like a trip to other worlds by way of the east. But make no mistake, this album ROCKS. The complex rhythms and chords are matched perhaps only by Hemispheres. These two albums are still my all time favorites. This is rock for musicians, not just head bangers. But the chords are still powerful enough to be able to grit your teeth and do some intense air guitar. Aaah, youth!...

Rush- A Farewell To Kings | Reviewer: Mario | 12/30/07

This album as I first set eyes on the album cover,I was taken a back in the same way when I first seen the album cover of Led Zeppelin Zep4,Four Symbols or Ruins which ever one you prefer.The opening track which starts with an classical guitar and then Neil Peart adding his celestial sounds and then the whole band kicks in to let you know they can kick some serious musical ass.Track two takes you on an endless time travel thru space.Track three takes you into a more like Robinhood like love story. The next two tracks take you more into a celtic time travel. The final song is a master piece in it's own right,that it embodies so much musical colours of time ,that it just takes you the listener into a worm hole in space and never comeback the same.
This is a genuine classic album that will never be made a agin.

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