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Plies Runnin' My Momma Crazy Lyrics

Last updated: 01/14/2012 10:00:00 AM

Hey mama (hey mama)... Know I ain't never tell you this
befo' (I ain't never tell you this befo')... but it really
hurt me knowin' I'm runnin' you crazy (know I'm runnin'
ya crazy)... I wanna talk to ya real quick (wanna talk to ya mama)

[Verse 1]
My momma told me while I run these streets she can't sleep
Her phone ring late at night she think somethin' happened to me
Her nerves so bad right now she can't even watch T.V
She turn her head everytime she see the police
She scared to look 'cause it might be me in the back seat
Whenever she hear about a shootin' her heart skip a beat
She heard the feds was in town her knees got weak
She know I'm at the house the only time she at peace
Her blood pressure through the roof all because of me
Her favorite words is "dope ain't the only way to eat"
She told me the other day she hope I don't die in these streets
I just pray to God she don't wipe her hands wit' me

I'm a goon to the streets but to my momma I'm still her baby
Raised a street nigga by yaself you a hell of a lady
Shit Im doin' now got nothin' to do wit' how you raised me
Shit killin' me to know I'm runnin' my momma crazy
Goon to the streets but to my momma I'm still her baby
Raised a street nigga by yaself you a hell of a lady
Shit Im doin' now got nothin' to do wit' how you raised me
Shit killin' me to know I'm runnin' my momma crazy

[Verse 2]
Remember the nights me sittin' up in a cold cell
I'm wakin' ya up out'cha sleep it's me callin' you from jail
You ain't say it but I know inside you mad as hell
You called off from work just to bond me out of jail
I get in trouble I call you seem like it never fail
Can hear you now "boy you need to sit ya ass down somewhere"
I come and eat I take a shower then I'm out of there
I know I'm stressin' ya at times seem like I don't care
You wrote bad checks for me to have somethin' to wear
You risked ya freedom for me nowadays that's real rare
Everytime I think about the shit I wanna shed a tear
That's why I buy ya somethin' for Father's Day every year


[Verse 3]
You did the best you could wit' me and I love you for that
Wanted me to stay in school but that ain't where my heart was at
I got exposed to the streets and fell in love wit' stacks
And all the times I hurt you wish I could take it back
When daddy left us you stepped up and took his slack
I know I'm selfish and feelin's is somethin' I know I lack
The shit I'm doin' now I know you raised me better than that
You showed me how to be a man and showed me how to act
Sometimes I wonder how you still proud I'm ya son
After all the stuff I took ya through and all the shit I done
Well like ya told me when God want me how I can't run
Before he take me want you to know how much I love ya mom


Think I'm speakin' for every street nigga 'round the world... I
don't think we sit down long enough sometimes... Just to
realize what we takin' our momma through... It hurt me to know
dog... That I'm runnin' my momma crazy... And it's really
killin' me to know... that I'm helpin' killin' my momma..

[music to fade]

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Real 5tuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/12

Mane I was locked uP & my momma had my Bak wit no doubt I love that lady 5o mukh ill die for her I was 18 at da time now 19 when I leave ta hang wit ma 5et I know 5he Be 5kead 5he da 1 who 5howed me how to treat a girl not my daddy he walked out (koward) nah I got 2 lil kid5 LJ & Neil Jr. ima try mah Be5t & every lil 5treet nikka needa listen ta Plies

It really make someone retaliate for wrongs dey've done to their mommas.tobycow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/10

Whenever i listen thiz song icnt help bt remember how many tymz i bin disrespectiful to her without even care.wel if ugt to rid thiz, am really sorry mom & ur the best mom i've ever had in my lyf.luv u mom

mama | Reviewer: thug | 8/5/09

i feel you on your song, not a day that goes by when i walk out that door that my mom don't worry everytime she hears a helicopter going around she calls me or when she see's a popo gaffling someone she automatically thinks its me. Thanks for your teal lyrics Plies...

mad deep! | Reviewer: akalah | 4/22/09

wen ii fiirst heard thiis song ii jus wanted to cry my cousiin jus got locked up for a murder and iits so sad...and my other cousiin all he thiink bout doiin iis runniin tha streetz and he was stabbed twice...and ii kno he thiink hiis ma aiint worrin but i kno she really iis kuz hes got to kidz and ik she wouldnt want them liike hiim...pliies keep iit up these yung brothas need to really listen to thiis song!

Only A Mothers Love | Reviewer: Jennifer Robinson | 6/10/08

Thank you for this song. My 19 year old son just caught a bogus murder case and the first thing he ask me to do on visit was to read the lyrics to your song. As I read your lyrics I broke down and cried because 1 week before he was arrested I told him to sit his ass down. I pray to God for strength and justice, because I am with my 19 year old baby 100 when he says he's innocent. But like I told him God will sit you down to understand everything isn't for everybody. I know "this too shall pass". Plies I wish every young brother in the streets can hear your words and understand the pain, fear and prayer that a mother feels. I have endured the words you wrote, waking up crying in the night for my baby. Only a mothers love. I just caught off probation for protecting my son, and I will tell you this. "Only a Mothers Love". And to my young mothers like me we have them young, we grow up with them while we raise them. Quit giving up on our babies because when everyone else has...besides God we all they got! I am riding a bit with my husband, they trying to get my son. RIDE OR DIE I AM THERE FOR MINE. Thank you again Plies. For allowing my son to speak to me in song what he felt in his heart.

i feel u | Reviewer: amber | 3/16/08

i myan i feel u on dis one plies..i be hurtin to cuz i be hurtin ma momma in so many i did so much shyt in ma lyfe drugs dealing..i walk out of da houze 1 day runnien away not thinkien like ma momma gotta be worried but..i just wonted to say to my momma dat i luv u an..
im sorry

I feel u | Reviewer: ticia | 2/2/08

i feel u with diz mayn i mean i feel da same way i feel dat im hurtn my mama but it really aint got nuttn to do wit how she raised me itz jus wen i walk out dat door everyday and she aint with me im exposed to something new and she cant keep thinking its her fault cause its not datz just how i am i love her and for dat i love u...and i feel when u listen to this song u got everybody thinking bout wat they do to their mamaz and i thought for a moment!! thanx for helping me realize dat cuz i aint have no idea until then!!

Like me... | Reviewer: Megan | 1/31/08

Almost everyhting in this song had pertained to me at one point in my life. This song really means a lot to me because I hurt my momma in so many ways and it hurts me because when I did this sh*t I didn't care what she was thinking. I went ahead and did it anyways. Gettin locked up, dealin/doing drugs, runnin away, shootin stuff off... And if my momma was to ever read this I wanna say to her "I'm sorry momma." Love Meg.

beautiful | Reviewer: Shy | 1/30/08

i think this song is so beautifull and true cause i kno alot of us is runnin our mama crazy and once you listen to this song it makes you wanna cry.... Love ya Plies fa dat....

i love it | Reviewer: alisha | 10/11/07

this song is very boifriend had me listen to it.. and it made him cry because it hinestly has a lot to do with alotta boi's out there.. hurtin their mamma....GO 'HEAD PLIES!!!!!

this is deep | Reviewer: tamiki | 10/1/07

everyboby shall listen to this song and think about the stuff they did to their mothers and know that life is short for all this and keep their momas close wit them at all tymes