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Oingo Boingo Run Away (The Escape Song) Lyrics

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Run away--run away from here
Run away--run away from here
Run away all alone--run away from fear
Run away from sadness--run away from tears

Run away from home--from the wife & kids
From the cats & the doggies--run away to forgive
Run into the light . . .

Hide away--in the lion's den
Play with matches--get burned
Flyin' high--in an aeroplane
Run away . . .
In a fast car--on a highway
Burnin' tracks--towards the sunset
No turning back--and no regrets
I'll think of you . . . (if I don't forget)

Run away from the church--run away from guilt
Runaway from (your) dream--everything you built
Run into the light . . .


Run away from the office, from your old work shoes
Run away from crime, and the big city blues
Run away from money, and the jaws of death
Run away from lawyers, and the government
Run away from your friends, and your family too
Run away from yourself, run away from you
Run away from here . . .

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Run away!! | Reviewer: deanne | 4/5/2006

I reckon that this song has a great feeling about it! The advantage of this song though is that it makes you think in a negative BUT positive way!!! It's all about a girl who has fallen in love with a man and want's to spend the rest of her life with him even if it means running away from her family!! I think that most people who sit back relax and just listen to the song very carefully, will understand her point in the song as well as thinking that she's a stupid young girl who wants to wish her life with a man, when she can have soo much more!

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