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The knowledge the seeking the favor of another
Means the murder of self.
This is the resolution
The end of all progress
The death of evolution
It bleeds all life away.
Silence speeds the path to the streams of solace that run so few and narrow.
Brooks that babble the sounds of torture the sounds of torture
You will one day rise.
To flood the banks of the chosen.
This is the art of ruin.
This is the resolution
The end of all progress
The death of evolution
It bleeds all life away. (x2)
I will show you all that I have mastered
Fear. Pain. Hatred. Power.
This is the art of ruin.(x3)

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dear the ignorant Reviewer: YouWantNamesAndAddresses | Reviewer: Phat Phat | 2/24/14

Hi there Reviewer: YouWantNamesAndAddresses...Thanks for the laugh at your stupidity and ignorance. Its people like you that give metal heads a bad name. I urge you to even google the term "Immaculate Conception" a subject you boast to know so much about...the term itself it not about Jesus (be he real or myth) but his mother’s seem confused at the basic difference to that and virginal conception (Virgin Mary)...if you are going to get on your high horse please get your "facts" right. Don't offer your opinions on what the band do or don’t think about religion as you are not the individuals so your sheer speculation is based on perhaps something you may or read in our "factual" media publications. Also your comment about "Fact is Science" sounds like you’re a scientologist cult member either way the point that you BELIEVE that science is fact or Fact is science means you believe in something, even if it is a cult. At the end of the day people interpret songs and lyrics in different ways, that is what makes the world interesting. So if people look into the lyrics and see that what makes you right and them wrong?

yesss | Reviewer: andrea | 7/14/13

I love these lyrics and this song! The new album rocks! Everybody shut the fuck up! Lol LAMB OF GOOD!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!

P. S. Question: theres Believers in this forum. Who told them about Ruin? Weird... You been listening to Lamb of God dudes?? Cuz whoah...ya guys listen to Slipknot too?

Religion and Lamb of God. | Reviewer: YouWantNamesAndAddresses | 2/25/13

TO ALL YOU BIBLE BASHERS OUT THERE! Look, this is Lyrics for a Track. That has NOTHING to do with Christianity. In my opinion, all religions are opinionated, biased and very, very vague. Therefore, unbelievable lies, upon countless pages... This Jesus you speak of, never -actually- existed, there were thousands of people in that part of the world that had the first name Jesus, or even Emmanuel. None of which had a "virgin" mother called Mary... And if they did, that mother certainly was no Virgin. Immaculate Conception can only be achieved by one manner, that is fertilising an egg outside of the womb before placing it in there, known as a Clone, or jizzing upon the female's genitalia, without actually entering the girl, and even this has very, very slim chances. If there was a "Virgin" Mary out there, she was either RAPED, And too afraid to admit it due to what others may think, or the fear of being called a liar, and being stoned to death. Not a fitting end; She could've been a whore, a lot of women in that part of the world sold their bodies to Roman Soldiers in order to make money/food. Or, Joseph couldn't wait 'til marriage. Anyway. Back to the main point here... THIS IS FOR LYRICS OF A BAND WHO DON'T ACTUALLY GIVE ANY HALF OF A SHIT ABOUT RELIGION! Same as me... I don't care if you're Wiccan, Druidic/Pagan, Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Rasta, Satanic, Jedi or whatever... It's all bullshit, the only thing to go by is fact... Fact is Science. Believe what can be proven... Don't take the word of One Immortal. Just listen to fucking metal, either like it, or hate it, but don't bring your views here when you probably listen to Illuminati bullshit, who, might I add, secretly support The Devil / Lucifer. Here on these lyrics sites, we don't want to see religious crap, we want to see "EPIC TRACK! I hope your next album is as good as the -rest- of your sick material. =D"

True Christians! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/12

A true Christian loves and we pray for our enemies...It breaks my heart to see so many claiming to be Christians & using the language and degrading others...This is the kind of people that turns people away from the real thing our precious JESUS...He did not run away, He did not have His life taken from Him...HE GAVE HIS LIFE...HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR YOU & ME...He is willing to forgive if only you will accept Him! What are we without love...One day there will be a great Judgement every knee will bow...Now you can say what you must about my post it's fine I can handle it I know who my comforter is but please stop degrading the one & only God it breaks my heart!!!

The Bastard son of Mary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/12

If anti-christ be it...U bible promoting fucker don't know who Jesus father was and where he ran off after he was born for 30+ fucking years and got rammed on to cross when he was back...Mary had to fucking run away outside and lay her baby in many mf got rammed into the cross during that period and if he had risen from dead why did he run away instead of saving his believers. If he had risen are you praying the undead..devil worship in most of the cultures across the religion teaches to drink in place of worship except this one... and the so called Jesus was getting laid with Macbeth.. if you are accusing the Muslim brother of being terrorist..think well who started the holy war in history called crusade...Muslims where only defending and protecting their faith. U imposing mf...if the Christianity was so good why don't Jews follow it....cause they know the truth about the whore's son. Adam and eve had two sons so who fucked the religion ask people to disrespect other except this one, in the 10 commandment .

Fuck you we love this band no matter what.

Lamb of God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/12

Lamb of God is not religious, far from it. I don't give two shits if you're christian and you think just cause their name is "Lamb of God" that they're christian.

Now GTFO and go listen to some shitty christian metal like Impending Doom.

Whit3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/11

Such a great song ! It's sad though that people refuse to look past their own
beliefs and instead mock something other people enjoy. It's common knowledge that Lamb of God does not use religious themes in their music, instead they speak of things like corruption and war. Stuff that should be fought against instead of spending time trying to 1-up people on lyric websites -.-

Satan and music | Reviewer: Fathersatan | 9/21/11

The devil is the ultimate trickster. After he ruined humanity, and had them all worshipping the wrong god, he played his greatest trick ever... Convincing the world he doesn't exist. See? Anyone can write whatever they want, congratulations.

Kickass performance by the whole band here

MMMMMMMMMMM | Reviewer: Matthys | 9/16/11

I notice people keep bringing religion up every where! I am a christian, I believe in God, the son and the holy ghost. and I LOVE lamb of god. People really need to get over this religion bullshit. If you don't believe in God, then don't let it bother you! And if you do believe in God, then don't let others bother you. Someone posted a comment about non-christians that won't listen to metal, and that makes them dumb, and non-christians refusing to listen to christian metal are dumb as well. I couldn't agree more. I wonder how many non-christians listen to Soulfly? Think about that for a second...

Christians ..... | Reviewer: Alex | 9/6/11

Over the years, there's been around 3300 recorded deities, 2800 of which could be considered "God". You Christians are almost as atheist as the rest of us ... we don't believe in 2800 gods, you don't believe in 2799. Stop preaching to people who don't want to listen, fuck off, and enjoy some music ffs.

Haha | Reviewer: Jp | 8/29/11

Atreyu is the best fuck all that other shit... Lol just kidding. Just wanted to say that it is very idiotic to talk shit about other bands just because you don't like them. You have to be very immature to do that bullshit. Okay so what... You don't like the band. Well they don't give a flying fuck. They don't need you to like them. There's plenty others that do. And they are fucking rich off of their music so they must be doing something right. So basically when you say one band is better than another that's what you would call an opinion. And yes it is yours... So why don't you keep it to your self. Nobody gives a shit haha. And stop with the stupid bs about I can kick your ass... You don't know if you truly can so shut the fuck up. Okay? By the way this is a sick song :)

Atheism101 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

Lamb of God forever! Btw Jacob don't be ignorant, Atheists aren't violent. Stalin didn't kill because he was an Atheist, but to spread fear and keep power. How are Atheists ruining America? Just drop it please.

Great stuff. | Reviewer: Jacob | 7/30/11

Ive always loved Lamb of God for their unapolgetic way of saying what they believe. Im not a christian but atheists make me laugh. So you dont believe in God? No one cares. You dont like christians? Okay. Fine. Now go away and stop ruining (lol) america with your violent ways. Go home and teach your kids about the "great atheist" Stalin.

Disagree and Disagree some More | Reviewer: Nate | 7/8/11

Whether people want to admit it, as my high school psychology/sociology teacher once said, 'Society's view on god swings like a pendulum throughout history. At one end, swung toward scientific explinations, the other toward a diety.' Like it or not the pendulum is swinging, slower than ever in history(due to the masses adhering to a God with such fear for survival more than ever in history), away from "god". Fact is Science nor Religion can explain everything, because they are both wrong about one part or the other. Christianity has only survived as long because they teach that all other religions, or mythologies as most are now referred to, are false works of the devil and put here to sway you from God. Very convenient if you ask me. Too bad all the stories of teh bible were all told before hand, and will undoubtably be told again in the future. Lamb of God is simply another force assisting in the push toward 'the knowledge'.

Agree and Disagree | Reviewer: fan | 6/29/11

Pretty sure I don't agree that it is either solely fear or logic that determines a person's response to a religious message as posted below (I'm sure a lot of atheists are fearful and/or illogical, just as many deists are logical and/or don't base their decision on fear; as we all know, there is hardly anything but shades of gray when it comes to how people respond to religion), but I will agree that the illiterate posting below is not helpful at all. I'm a Christian and while I find many Lamb of God songs offensive, others are no different from metal bands that have neutral (or positive) lyrics when referring to Christianity. (Again, lots of gray here.) And there is no doubt that on just about every song Lamb of God rocks.

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