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Kenny Rogers Ruby Lyrics

Last updated: 08/24/2007 11:00:00 AM

You've painted up your lips an rolled and curled your tinted hair.
Ruby are you contemplating going out somewhere?
The Shadow on the wall tells me the sun is going down -
Oh Ruby
Don't take your love to town

It wasn't me that started that old crazy asian war
But I was proud to go and do my patriotic chore
And yes, it's true that I'm not the man I used to be...
Oh Ruby I still need some company.

Its hard to love a man whose legs are bent and paralysed
And THE WANTS AND the needs of a woman your age, Ruby I realize,
But it won't be long i've heard them say until I'M not around
Oh Ruby
Don't take your love to town

She's leavin' now 'cause I heard the slammin' of the door
The way I know I've heard it slam one hundred times before
And if I could move I'd get my gun and put her in the ground
Oh Ruby
Don't take your love to town
Oh Ruby
God sakeS turn around

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its a great one amonst his many others | Reviewer: tariq soomro | 5/16/2007

love this song and other like gambler, she believes in me.

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feedback | Reviewer: vickie | 5/16/2007

dear anonymous reviewer!

that song must be even more heart wrenching 4 u now, it affects me without being in your situation! Thanks for doing your patriotic chore!!!

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Ruby performed by Kenny Rogers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/2006

I heard it the first time as a small boy when Kenny Rogers performed the song on the Mike Douglas show one afternoon. Something about it remained in my memory even though I was only about six years old. Now I am 43, stuck here in Iraq fighting for my life daily. These lyrics haunt me now, because they express my worst fears about what my life would be like once I returned home if something terrible were to happen to me now.

To all the Viet Nam veterans out there I salute you! To anybody thinking about joining up and fighting over here, think twice! Take this from a 20 year United States Marine Corps veteran. Thank god I will retire once this is over.

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