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Ruby Biography

Last updated: 07/24/2001 02:58:47 AM

Following the release of her universally successfull debut album "Salt Peter" (which was also accompanied by a mixes album "Revenge, The Sweetest Fruit") and a world tour that ended somewhere in 1996, Lesley moved to New Orleans. Six months later, after a rash of car-jackings and hold-ups, a sufficiently scary incident happened. A woman was brutally murdered in the garden of her house opposite and the killer had deposited her clothing in Lesley's garbage as he left the scene. Lesley left New Orleans 5 days later and moved to Seattle to start recording her second album.

In-between touring and the stint in New Orleans, Lesley recorded a version of Kung Fu Fighting with Tom Jones (way before it was compulsory to do so) and performed "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" in an ad filmed in LA for Pepsi/Mountain Dew. Early 1997 saw the start of what was to become the "Short Staffed At The Gene Pool" album. Recording took place in Seattle with producer Mark Walk. The bulk of the album was finished by August 1998 and completed by Lesley in the UK the following year. A couple of months later the guys at her US label walked out and it was pretty soon after that Creation announced it would close, so 2000 was spent getting out of old contracts and getting it together with Wichita in the UK (where Ruby continues to work with ex-Creation guys Mark Bowen and Dick Green) and clearspot for the rest of Europe.

Lesley is currently based in Dumfriesshire, Scotland living in a farmhouse surrounded by fields and cows.