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Royce Da 5'9'' Biography

Last updated: 11/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

-- Royce's Real name is Ryan Montgomery.
-- Royce was born in Detroit, then spent the latter part of his life at Oak Park, Michigan.(suburb of detroit)
-- Royce is 22 years old, his birthdate is 6th of July 1977 (7/6/1977)
-- He started rapping in his Senior Year of High School, just for fun.
--Royce is 5'9", and weighs 165lbs.
-- He has a son named Royce.
-- He doesnt have a wife, but does have a Girlfriend.
-- Royce went to school with the members of Wall Street, W.S. is his main group, Bad Meets Evil is just him and Eminem.
-- Wall Street has 5 emcees and 1 Producer: Royce 5'9", Ja 5'9", B.O., Tre LiL (formerly known as Fugue The Wiseguy), X-Government Agent, and The Hobit (Producer). Also Ric 'Riggler' Rhea(Executive Producer) and Kino "K-LO" Childrey (Manager).
-- Royce is also in the group Bad Meets Evil, with Eminem. Royce met Eminem at his first major opening for Usher. Eminem was selling copies of his Slim Shady EP. This is before Em was signed with Aftermath.