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The remarkable canon of work recorded by Roy Orbison is
tied not to any one decade but virtually to the entire
lifespan of rock 'n roll. He began his career in the '50's,
a friend and contemporary of Elvis Presley; he shared
billings in Britain with The Beatles in the '60's; saw his
work covered by the likes of Linda Ronstadt in the '70's;
watched as his classic In Dreams became a keystone of David
Lynch's film Blue Velvet. His posthumous album Mystery Girl
- became the biggest selling album of his illustrious

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Review about Roy Orbison songs
From the heart | Reviewer: Pamela Alexander
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Roy Orbison

Love is pain and there are multiple meanings to express the heartache of a strong emotion. The lyrics clearly captures this experience and more. Many artists have recorded "Love Hurts" over the years from Roy Orbison to Emma Lou Harris and safe to be another smash hit in the future. Nicely done!

It's Over | Reviewer: Robert Tucker
    ------ About the song It's Over performed by Roy Orbison

Of all the songs that Roy Orbison performed, this is my favorite and that says a lot because Roy is one of my all time singer of ballads and love songs. Oh! to see that talent last forever and deservedly so.

I am a lover of music and quite often I start singing this ballad and it always stays with me in heart and mind.

Both comforting and inspiring. | Reviewer: Son
    ------ About the song In Dreams performed by Roy Orbison

It's a beautiful song which i first heard some time ago. My mother died eight weeks ago and, not long before, i had bought a Roy Orbison cd which included the song. I find it very sad, yet uplifting, and i'm sure i'll think of my mum forevermore when i hear it. I think it shows the person you miss so much will live on in your heart, and dreams.

"An Army Of Generals" | Reviewer: Wayne M. Dombrowskii
    ------ About the song Handle Me With Care - Travelling Wilburys performed by Roy Orbison

In the Classical era of the late 18th century,an orchestra was formed whose members were reputed to be uniformly of such high calibre that any one of them could serve in the post of conductor with the full confidence of the others.Among their many innovations was a hyper-fine control over dynamics-performing crescendi and decrescendi of fine gradations which had hitherto never been heard.Music critics referred to them as "an army of generals".They were the Mannheim school,and in the Popular/Rock idiom,The Travelling Wilburys are an example of an "Army of Generals"-without the pretensions. The Travelling Wilburys-Jeff Lynne,Tom Petty,Bob Dylan and the late George Harrison and Roy Orbison-made songwriting sound as effortless and pleasant as going fishing."Handle Me With Care",the story goes,came about during a backyard barbecue when Harrison saw the phrase 'Handle With Care' on an item and suggested Dylan use it as a title.I can imagine,with cumulatively well over 100 years songwriting experience to work with,writer's block just wasn't often an issue.Instead,there were four collaborators ready to jump into, or should I say-stroll into -the fray.The result:an album full of supremely hummable and consistently witty songs .And unless your'e expecting a Wagner opera from a pop song,what more could you want? With the passing of Orbison and Harrison,the music of The Travelling Wilburys seems all the more poignantly wistful - there just won't be another band like 'em.

I wil never stop loving you | Reviewer: Beckie
    ------ About the song Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep performed by Roy Orbison

This song makes me cry more than his song "In dreams" Okay maybe the same tears. I love Roy Orbison and I love his songs. My love has ben dead for 40 years now and even though I am 64, I still cry. The pain is so bad only Roy and George Jones could understand. Thank you Roy

A song written from the Heart! | Reviewer: Widower
    ------ About the song In Dreams performed by Roy Orbison

My wife and I both loved Roy Orbisons songs but I never really understood the depth of this song untill my wife died. The lyrics tell the ongoing story of grief and the respite from pain you get from escaping into your memories/dreams.

A great musician | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blue Bayou performed by Roy Orbison

Each and every Orbison's song is stunning because of his rich voice and high register.
Especially this particular song blue bayou which describes yearning and longing to his girl and friends and not least to the surroundinds he used to live at with them. For me Orbison was a great musician who wrote his songs(music and lyrics) all by himself.

The most beautiful version | Reviewer: Dan Sequeira
    ------ About the song Danny Boy performed by Roy Orbison

I remember when I was a child, Daddy used to sing Danny Boy [Jim Reeves' version] to me. And I fell in love with it. Today, when I listened to Roy Orbison's version, I was speechless and my eyes were filled with tears. It is simply outstanding.
Thank you Mr Orbison for the lovely rendition of the song :)

In Dreams | Reviewer: John Williams
    ------ About the song In Dreams performed by Roy Orbison

A couple of years ago, while waiting on results, to find out whether or not a cancer that i had, had spread.

I thought what a lovely song to play at my funeral. Fortunately, I'm still here.

It's still a great song.

Love you Roy.

PS.........Get those moles checked.

In dreams, a song nobody can ever imitate his ----- | Reviewer: C.K. Shon
    ------ About the song In Dreams performed by Roy Orbison

It was a rainy day in the year of 1967 in Seoul ,south Korea when I dropped in a music-listening cafe , a song heard from the speaker was "In dreams." My friend (he has passed away,but still living on my mind) & I stopped for a moment . Wow! A Beautiful song ! Roy was made to sing this song and nobody is ever able to imitate his velveteen-soft-high crying over the air!^^

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