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Waylon Jennings Rough & Rowdy Days Lyrics

Last updated: 11/09/2010 10:00:00 AM

you keep barrelin' on and you don't look back
your mind is gone
and you're losing track of who you want to be
and you think you're free (x2 fading out at end)

when you still want more and you've done it all
you're kickin' doors and climbin' walls
you've gone far enough
you need to straighten up (x3 fading out at end)

Girl you came along and just in time
to show me the way
while I was wadin' through
my rough and rowdy days (x1 rough and rowdy days)

How can you know what life's about
when upside down is inside out
you know you need some help
you can't help yourself (x2 fading out at end)

chorus (x2)
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